Celebrate Independence Day With Battlefield

Eagle eyed Alex Avard of Gamer Attitude spotted an amusing Easter Egg in Battlefield 4 that celebrates the American Independence Day.

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Hellsvacancy1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

That's awesome, what map is it, Dawnbreaker/Siege of Shanghai?

Detoxx1620d ago

Well done by DICE, they are putting alot of work into the CTE (Closed testing envoriment).

Nafon1620d ago

They've always put this much work into their games, it's just that we haven't seen their in-between-patches work until CTE.

mushroomwig1620d ago

As a Brit I find this very offensive.

Just kidding, enjoy!

boomin1620d ago

uh its not there its supposed to be on dawn breaker but its not

Hellsvacancy1620d ago

Is it? damn, I was going to play BF4 tonight, won't bother now

Detoxx1620d ago

It's only available in the CTE.

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