Distance: The PS4 and Xbox One will never have this must-play indie game

If you’ve got a PC (graphical power doesn't matter here) and a spare 10 minutes, you could play a beautiful little game that will never be on the new consoles.

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JBSleek1567d ago

There is many games PC players play that will never come to consoles. Nothing new.

mikeslemonade1566d ago

You don't need a gaming PC to be able to play that. Basically anybody that isn't a lame has a PC.

And master race is a master none these days with the AAA games reportedly glitching out on PC and Crytek going bankrupt. Apparently all the good looking games are coming to PS4 with The Order and Uncharted 4.

TheDevKit1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Except those games haven't released yet; it's like if I were to brag about Star Citizen being the best looking game ever.

SaturdayNightBeaver1566d ago

crytek lost its relevance with pc long before. its when they released crysis 2 and went for console market, and apparently you haven't seen StarCitizen and Witcher 3.. or basically any multiplatform game on PC, they all look better, as long as you can pay for it

papashango1566d ago

except star citizen takes a crap out on anything coming out on ps4 or Xbox

see I can play that game too

Rimgal1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

It's a free to play game, with the link to download it in the article. Anyone can play it now if they want, and you do not need a gaming rig for this one. I'm sure Xbox and Playstation players won't sell their consoles, because this game is exclusive to PC.

cfc831566d ago

I'll just have to compensate myself with destiny. Guffaw.

NeoTribe1566d ago

Pc will also never have halo, naughty dog or nintendo games. So who cares.

zep1566d ago

true that they can emulate some but its not the same experince

TheDevKit1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Yeah, it's often times better.

zep1566d ago

no playing console games on pc through emulation feels boring to me sure it has save state pretty enhanced graphics fastforward etc but it still dosnt feel right i dont know why lol

Baka-akaB1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Emulation is nice , and often enhanced , but it also comes usually way way way way later for current consoles of any generation .

It's a good argument , but only in the long run when you still gotta wait years for it to be perfect . The shortest waiting period is still with Nintendo GC , WII consoles

Seafort1566d ago

We already have Halo 1 & 2 and Gears of War. Just not their sequels. We are getting Dead Rising 3 and many other so-called console exclusives.

Xbox gamers will never get H1Z1 either. PS4 gamers will probably get it in the future but atm it's PC exclusive as it hasn't been officially announced for PS4 yet.

I'm currently playing the best co-op turn based RPG, Divinity Original Sin, on PC. It may come to consoles but nothing is announced yet.

I'm perfectly happy with PC gaming atm. I don't need a new console to play most games. I already have AC Unity and Shadow of Mordor for less than console gamers pay (£25) and will be getting Far Cry 4 in the next month when the price is right.

@mikeslemonade I have played Watch Dogs with no glitches or any problems whatsoever on PC.

And Crytek hasn't been a PC developer for a few years now as they went over to consoles supposedly due to high PC piracy to make loads of money on consoles but now they are bankrupt and it's all to do with their arrogance and console developement :)

nucky641566d ago

I'm not interested in H1Z1 at all, but it has been announced for ps4 - there have been a lot of articles on this site about it....where have you been?

Seafort1566d ago

@nucky64 Please show me where it's officially been announced by SOE for PS4.

All I see is articles presuming it's coming to PS4 later this year which is bullshit.

It's not even on steam Early Access yet for PC. It's still in pre alpha. It will not come to PS4 for 2 years or more.

Look how long Planetside 2 has taken to come to PS4. Now calculate the full release of H1Z1 on PC in a year or 2 and then add another 1-2 years for it to come on PS4.

And where have I been? I've been on H1Z1 reddit where the SOE developers comment and interact with their PC (NOT PS4) fans about H1Z1.

Rimgal1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

No one is saying that the game won't take a long time to come to the PS4, but H1Z1 it's already confirmed for the PS4, on reddit but also on twitter by John Smedley himself.

Seafort1566d ago

@Grumpy Well Smedley also said Early Access for H1Z1 on PC would be in 4-6 weeks back in April and there's still no release date for Early Access.

So take that man's word with a grain of salt.

I expect it will come to PS4 but not in the next 2 years or more.

Most of the console online magazines are reporting H1Z1 to be almost a PS4 exclusive and will be out end of this year hehe. Not a chance.

SOE are primarily PC developers not console developers. I know it's hard to take but this is one dev that puts the PC first.

Rimgal1566d ago

And I have no problem that they are primarily PC developers, if they feel more comfortable with PC and PC players, they should focus on PC first, and ported to consoles later, they did a great job with Planetside 2, and I cannot wait to play it on the PS4. Just like many PC gamers are anxious to play games like DR 3 and GTA 5 that came first for the consoles.

But that is not the point

You said that H1Z1 wasn't confirmed for the PS4, and it was. by Smedley himself. And I think that the president of Sony Online Entertainment is a well informed person to know in which platform his game will appear.

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JBSleek1566d ago

Your point? Consoles will never have Civ, Sim City, Arma, vast number of MMOs and MOBAs.

Also many console games don't even have all three systems because they're too busy fighting over them so many console games won't be playing those games mentioned anyway.

N4G post articles all the time about console exclusives so we can talk about PC exclusives.

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