Blue Estate Review – Legend of the Drunken Crosshair - PSLS

"There is an impressive amount of talent that went into some aspects of Blue Estate. It starts you off thinking it’s going to be a really cool, gritty comedy where you get to shoot stuff a lot. But instead, it’s a really annoying rail shooter that grates on you after a while, while sometimes making you laugh. I wanted to enjoy this game more, but too many things came up that lowered my overall fun level." - PSLS

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knifefight1569d ago

The graphic novel art style is cool, but I'm not into motion controls at all, and that's what every review is talking about with this game.

WeAreLegion1568d ago

I freakin' love this game! Like the reviewer said, it can be a bit of a grind at parts. It's definitely no Deadpool in the writing department. It's still a great experience, however.