Child of Light (PlayStation Vita) Review - Push Square

Push Square: "The best console version of Child of Light is still only available on the PS4, but the Vita version is more than passable. The story, the characters, and the design can’t be knocked, but the presentation and the decision not to support cross-save means that there’s little reason to give Ubisoft your money again. Still, if you can only play while out and about, then this remains a title that you should definitely give a go."

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TheGrimReaper00111568d ago

One question
Buy the PS3 version, you also get the download for PS4
Buy the PS3/Vita version, you dont get the other?!

I can understand that not every game supports Cross-Buy, but if the console versions support cross buy for each other, why not the PS Vita version? Not even cross save ffs! At least have one or the other =/

Pridefall1568d ago

Honestly, I have waited what feels like a lifetime for this game. Just when I am getting a little bit of Vita buyer's remorse another great title pops up to blow me away.

Downloaded it upon release the other night, am loving every second.