The Best Xbox One Games... So Far

he Xbox One is still young so its library is only a fraction of the size of Xbox 360's. There are still plenty of great games on the console, though.

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lifeisgamesok1570d ago

In no specific order

Killer Instinct
Dead Rising 3
Battlefield 4
Forza 5
Assasin's Creed
Max: And the Curse of the Brotherhood

Games that will be on the list this year

Halo MCC
Sunset Overdrive
Forza Horizon 2

Magicite1568d ago

Notable X1 games that scored 85+ on metacritic:

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition,
NBA 2K14,
FIFA 14,
Rayman Legends.

Games that scored 80+ in both critic and user scores:

Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

KinjoTakemura1570d ago

The list from the article is right on target. It completely avoids fanboyism and adds multiplatform games that truly deserve to be on the list. Titles like Tomb Raider, Wolfenstein, and Outlast. I agree with the choices of Titanfall and Forza 5 as well.

Ripsta7th1569d ago

Seems like Xbox isn't allowed to show multiplatform games this gen but ps4 gets praised for MP games

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1569d ago

Who says they are not allowed to show them?

Tedakin1569d ago

They showed a bunch at their E3 presser including COD, Witcher 3 and Evolve....

BX811569d ago

Debating if I should get need for speed?

AceBlazer131569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It's pretty fun, one of the best games available on the xb1/ps4 but the problem is even with some multiplayer in it once you get the rather easy platinum it gets boring fast ,imo at least. The all drive was a nice idea but in the open world people rather go about their own business or be dicks than have a race with each other, a proper lobby setup would've made this game better.

But by all means definitely worth the buy.

Trekster_Gamer1569d ago

If Ryse isn't on the list then they obviously have not played it.

If you look at the ratings from within xbox itself you will see that gamers loved it.

SideNote1569d ago

Only the terrible trolls disagree. Ryse is a great game, and still has a huge online following. Just hit level 100 myself.

skoorydook1569d ago

Oh give it a rest, Ryse wasn't left off the list because there is some sort of conspiracy against it lead by an army of trolls, it is left off most likely because the guy who made the list( like many others) simply didn't enjoy it.

If a list was made of best PS4 games then would you expect to see Knack on there ? because I sure as hell wouldn't

Boody-Bandit1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

"If a list was made of best PS4 games then would you expect to see Knack on there?"

I would. I thought Knack was a great game. Played and completed it a few times. I like Ryse as well and IMO if you're going to put KI on the list Ryse should've made it too. KI, excellent mechanics, was extremely lack luster until the last update which finally included an arcade mode. Still overall it has a really shallow roster and limited modes.

It sucks what's going on with Crytek right now. I was looking forward to them expanding upon the engine of Ryse and give us a more diverse fight engine. Ryse was a decent game and showed promise which is why I lumped it in with KI. For me personally it just needed more. Less linear, better performance and a more complex fight mechanics.

I only played it through once and a couple hours online. Smooth out the performance and add depth to the mechanics and Crytek would have a great game on their hands. I hope someone picks them (Crytek) up.

I don't currently have a favorite X1 game. I love the Forza series but for some odd reason Forza 5 has an issue with the new X1 compatible TX 458 wheel. It just feels really sloppy (especially in the deadzone / center). At first most TX 458 owners thought it was the wheel and not F5. Than they (and I myself) tried the 458 on the PC and the wheel couldn't be more tight and spot on accurate. So for that reason I just can't get into Forza 5. Although I keep trying.

The weirdest thing is my most played games on both the PS4 and X1 right now is Trials Fusion. I have played over 40 titles between the 2 consoles but I'm addicted to Trials Fusion (have it on both consoles as I do with a lot of multplats). I guess I'm unlike most. I really enjoy arcade (PSN / XBA) games and indies.

I'm hoping FH2 has more accurate controls with the 458 wheel when it's released this Fall. That's my most anticipated X1 game coming out this year.

Oh and KI Season 2. When they expand the roster and add new modes I will play the sh!t out of that game. Right now I'm getting my Ultra SFIV on which I picked up for the 360, PS3 and PC. Yup, I have issues.

GW2121569d ago

I've played it. The game play is horrible.

Tedakin1569d ago

My favorites so far are Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Outlast and Max: the Curse of the Brotherhood. All are stellar.

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