Is the original Gears Of War cast about to reunite on Xbox One?

VideoGamer: "Augustus 'Cole Train' Cole seems to be confirmed for Black Tusk's Gears of War. Is this a sign that the rest of the crew is on the way back too?"

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CloudRap1568d ago

awesome just hope they find a good way to continue the story because the third one pretty much closed the book

azricf1568d ago

Blacktusk gets GoW handed to them. A great time to reboot, and yet they bring the same crap? Seriously? Their time has been way overstayed. Terrible of blacktusk if true.

Bonkerz1568d ago

Wow dude you are so dumb lol. This is fantastic news, these guys played the parts perfectly. All i can say is the COLE TRAIN IS BACK BABY!

Lawboy21568d ago

Wtf are u talking about...some ppl

OpieWinston1568d ago

For all we know he could be brought back for some GoW Collection.
Add new cutscenes or something.

They're rebooting Phantom Dust/Crackdown and people freaked out about it.

azricf1568d ago

Look at all these xbox fanboys. Did I say something untrue? No. The original trilogy story was very mediocre at best. How does bringing back the same trash improve the franchise? Complete new cast should be done. COLLEEE TRAAIN. Do you know how lame that was? He was supposed to be some ladies man too? LOOOOLLL, his ugly ass? Cmon now. Anyways.. Blacktust.. You need to prove yourself. This is why the industry advances so slowly.

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SaveFerris1568d ago

Is this a reboot or a sequel?

UbiquitousClam1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Well if Cole really is back I would guess its a sequel as they tried a prequel before with Baird and Cole taking center stage and it didn't go so well.

incredibleMULK1568d ago

Better be a sequel.

Here's the perfect setup...

Marcus and Anya on the beach....and BAM Marcus wakes up on the helicopter after getting not unconscious fighting the mutated brumak at the end of gears 2. Part three never happened!! part 3 was nuttin but a dream. Sweet, they can go with the original plan locust were a lab experiment gone wrong, locust queen was marcus's mom, and Adam Felix was tappin that ass.

The series lives on! No more corny prequels! BAM!!!! THAT JUST HAPPENED!!

Your welcome.
See yous later fellow gears fans.

tgunzz1568d ago

Let's get it!!!! Gears of War is my favorite shooter of all time... Now I will go watch the trailers from the first 3.

Kingscorpion19811568d ago

Move on Microsoft I want new games this generation not old games from last generation. I guess they have to rely on Halo and Gears this generation :/

Lawboy21568d ago

Why are u here....omg Pls don't destroy this article with ur negativity....gears is my favorite franchise of all time....and a lot of other ppl feel the same way

bangoskank1568d ago

It's one of my favorite franchises too but the third one had a perfect conclusion. Time for a new IP. If they bring Marcus and gang back it better be for a good reason and have a solid story.

tgunzz1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

@ kingsscorpion, You don't think they should continue support of two of their biggest IPs??

98xpresent1568d ago

The guy is stupid and a troll

Kingscorpion19811568d ago

Yes, they should support it. But I want more new IPs this generation. The thing about Microsoft they love to take your money and lies a whole lot.

Kingscorpion19811568d ago

@98xpresent can you explain to me why I'm stupid and a troll :) I wonder if you said the same thing when Microsoft lied about a lot of shit and then pulled a 360 turn around after last year E3.

OpieWinston1568d ago

Understanding the importance of Old and New IPs is good.

Gears/Halo are two Billion $ franchises. Why wouldn't they continue to invest in them?

Going to hate on Crackdown/Phantom Dust/Killer Instinct being brought back?

Kingscorpion19811568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Halo and Gears of war cough cough fatigue! What I'm curious about will Destiny dominate Halo this generation??? Hmmm I'm thinking about you Bungie...

No_Limit1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

LOL, this is coming from a guy that said this

"Can't wait for Syphon Filter 5"

Dude, everyone is doing it..Sony just released another Killzone, another inFamous, another Little Big Planet and the upcoming Uncharted as well and no doubt a New God of War and Gran Turismo is incoming. So to you, isn't Sony relying on all those games this generation s well. I bet you would be the first one to jump for joy when those old IPs are announce.


Kingscorpion19811568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Lol, okay no limit I get the point. But Sony don't have to rely on old IPS to have success I can't say the same for Microsoft. This generation is going to be different. When 2015 comes its gonna get out of hand and its going to be bad for one company.

azricf1568d ago

exactly, but looking at your disagrees(and my posts)... xbox fanboys want the same recycled trash. No wonder MS releases nothing but forza/gears/halo/fable on that consle.. Pathetic. Definitely the worst fanbase.

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