PES 2015 vs 2014 Graphics Comparison Shows What Fox Engine Is Capable Of On Next-Gen

"The graphics in PES have come on a long way in a year but what 'pro evolution' football actually means remains a mystery."

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bouzebbal1658d ago

i dont think this game does Fox Engine justice. it's so damn ugly!

1nsomniac1658d ago

I'm afraid it's the other way around unfortunately they really under achieved with the Fox engine. Kojima said himself that the advancement of graphics in the west is something they are really struggling with over their.

IMO the Fox engine should of really been finished off way earlier & should of remained a last gen engine.

iceman061658d ago

The thing is, Fox Engine was not supposed to be a last gen engine. IMO, they are still coming to grips with what they can really do with the engine in current gen. The fact that they were able to build entirely separate games on the engine shows how flexible it is. It just seems to still be the early phases of getting the most out of the engine itself.

Rocky51658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I agree, I'm shocked they struggle to get 1080p on the Xbox One the engine doesn't look that good, its too fugly looking lol the lighting is amazing but there is a big issue if it can't do 1080p on a system thats 100% capable of doing so.

FIFA can do it so why can't this game, the one thing Konami touted was its a scalable engine built for Next Gen (current gen now) yet it struggles.

I mean its a football game for god sake 1080p 60fps should be a doddle :-\

zeeman1658d ago

Looks great cant wait to play this. Its on the pitch that matters

123pol1658d ago

nope.i will never buy a football game thats named "soccer".
fifa 15 is the game for me,

TURKEYonWH3AT1658d ago

Still looks like shit compared to FIFA

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