Are HD Remakes and Remakes In General Necessary?

There is a huge trend that is sweeping the gaming industry at the moment, something that is sparking a debate amongst console fans. I’m talking of course about the influx…

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ArchangelMike1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I think it depends on how the Remaster/remake is done. For example, bringing Final Fantasy X HD to the PS Vita/PS3 was a brilliant move all round. It brought an updated version of the game to new platforms.

The same is true with the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. Konami combined 3 of the best Metal Gear Solid games in one HD pack, and brough it to a new platform, at a really affordable price. Again, a brilliant move.

I think the Metro Remaster will do well, becasue it is again a packaged deal, which combines two of the games for the price of one. I think this is a good deal for those gamers who haven't played the original games.

On the other hand the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, was not so well recieved. It was a straight HD upgrade and added absolutely nothing new to the package. And it released arguable too soon after the original.

I guess I'm looking at if the Remaster offeres value for money. If it doesn't then I'm not sure it's necesasry to buy a game twice just for better visuals.

For value I'd want to see new game modes, all previous DLC included, significant visual and gameplay improvements, bonus content and making of vids, that kind of stuff.

3-4-51658d ago

It allows people to get to experience the game that might not be able to be played anymore.

* You can't play those games and have them look good on digital Tv's.

I think Some HD remakes are better than others though. Like Much better.

3-4-51657d ago

Also, remakes need value, more so than JUST being the original game.

They do it good with the PSP & Vita versions of the Disgaea games where they add in dlc characters and features from the newer game back into the re-released game.

jc485731658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

There are people who buy again because they lost their copy or something. Blu ray is a way to protect your investment from stuff like scratches. You guys remember how most SE ps2 games become unreadable with enough scratches?

thejigisup1658d ago

I'm all for remakes as long as it's not holding up production of new games or within that arguable window of too soon. Hd bundles are fantastic four people who have converted from one choice console to another and for those who have missed out on playing a game or two in a collection ie the kingdom hearts series. The gow collection was probably one of the best collections I could think of to date.

jc485731658d ago

well, most of these remakes are handled by outside developers.

LightSamus1658d ago

I was with you until you said Tomb Raider adds nothing. It's actually considerably better than the previous gen versions and even has some fancy new effects the PC versions lacks. Worth double dipping? Maybe not, but it's still a lot better looking.

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Septic1658d ago

There is a distinct danger here that devs will jump on the bandwagon of just churning these out considering how early this gen we're seeing these getting pumped out now.

I don't think they are 'necessary' as such but hey, if people see value in them then fair enough. Like the article says, no one is forcing you to buy them. But at the same time, it might detract devs from making a quick cash grab instead of dedicating their time solely on newer experiences.

The Master Chief Collection is a very good example of a HD Remake done right. Its comprehensively re-done, gives you content that never even appeared on the console in the first place, bundles incredible value in one box and also gives you an incentive to buy it in terms of the Halo 5 alpha. No one should be able to complain there.

The Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is an example of one I didn't get the point of at all. To me, that seemed like a cash grab.

thejigisup1658d ago

Unfortunately people bought that definitive edition. That was a poor practice red flag to me.

Hellsvacancy1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Yeah, some games are too good to be left in the past, I'd kill for a Populous The Beginning HD remake, i'm extremely happy the likes of Grim Fandango and the older Oddworld games are being tarted up for the new generation

Games that came out 12 months ago I don't really agree with

PlaystationSquuad1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

HD remakes are cool, as in SD games being upgraded to HD. As far as already HD games being remade is horrible idea and obviously just a money grab. The Last of Us is a prime example of this. I mean how much further can they really go with The Last of US? If the PS4 was a hell of a lot stronger than what it already is, then this would probably be okay, but since it's not that big of a leap i have my doubts since it already looked insane on PS3. I guess it's good for people who only had a 360 last gen and bought a PS4 this gen. But I hate when Sony and the Sony fanboys try to defend this game as being anything more than just a chance for people who never had a PS3 to experience The Last of Us.

moparful991658d ago

the Last of Us remake is tantamount to a "Game of the Year" edition but is being released on the PS4 instead of the PS3.

It's not like they are just marginally improving the graphics and calling it a day. They added a lot of value in the form of all the DLC, is cheaper, is an incentive for PS3 owners to upgrade to a PS4, as well as bolstering the PS4's catalogue...

You see it as a superfluous cash grab but the community sees it as an easy purchase.

jcnba281658d ago

What's the difference between Tomb Raider Definitive edition and TLoU Remastered? They were both re-released around a year after their release and they both included DLC.

It's funny to see most people here defend TLoU just because it's a sony exclusive but have no problem complaining about other remasters.

moparful991657d ago

@JCNBA Did I say anything about Tomb Raider? Nope. I was arguing for TLOU remake seeing as I think its a good idea.. I have no problem with the Tomb Raider remake or any other remake for that matter.. I have no idea why you make it seem like I'm defending the Last of Us and nothing else...

thejigisup1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Not that big of a leap? Madness. They've added a substantial amount of content and its being offered on my primary console of choice. I've already given my ps3 copy to a friend and am looking forward to revisiting this game on my ps4 whether it's day one or five years from now. I know people that have held off on purchasing TLoU ps3 to get this on ps4 as well received as it was I know quite a few people that stop poured purchasing ps3 games once they started counting down days to the ps4, imo a game of this caliber needed a ps4 remake.

MegaRay1658d ago

I Agree! but you shouldnt attack TLoU like that, you dont want to lose your bubbles do you? lol
If you picked Tomb raider or halo 4 you would had a "well Said" bubble lol

I Am all for remaking PS2/PS1 games era and even old PS3 games but 2012/2013 ps3 games dont need an upgrade.

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