Formula 1 Championship Edition Update

IGN have taken a the newest version of the game for a spin, which includes an additional track as well as the full roster of cars and drivers likely to feature in the final game, giving us a taste of what we can expect when it launches next year.

"One thing to note right from the off is that Formula 1 gives a tremendous feeling of speed, especially when racing from the in-car or first-person viewpoint. The cars accelerate away hard, making the most of Monza's long opening straight and within seconds the packed out grandstands make way for lush green trees that whizz past in a blur. It's not just trackside objects that have been modelled in the game either, but the surrounding trees and buildings too, giving the game a real sense of depth. The sky, too, looks almost photorealistic, especially when it's clouded over during the wet weather races..."

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MS7XWDC4445d ago

doesn't support a wheel = we have no idea if we'll have FFB with a wheel