The Concept of a 'Superior' Indie Platform Is Not Important - Below Dev

"Capybara Games has made a significant mark on the industry in recent times, especially for its outspoken support for the Xbox One since the early days of the console's indie publishing policy to the current [email protected] arrangement."

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DLConspiracy1619d ago

I am pretty sure most devs should stay out of the "which is better for _______ reason" area. It's important that games sell well and that people get to enjoy their hard work everywhere regardless of platform.

badz1491619d ago

all current gen consoles and PCs are good enough to run almost all indies at max setting anyway. I thought that there are no issues of which platform is "superior" for indies, just which platform represents them better.

DLConspiracy1619d ago

Even still, that's a loaded question that journalists are digging for to get those clicks. They should always remain neutral on that matter. It can always come back to bite them in the end.

Mega241619d ago

Still, everyone knows the superior platform would be the PC, it has more support, most people own PC's that can run most indie games at moderate to great performance. But the more platforms the game is available the better!

XboxDD1619d ago

Games matter, not graphics.

MasterCornholio1619d ago

Thats why I dont mind playing indies on the PS4.

P.S I highly reccomend Valiant Hearts and Trine 2 is a ton of fun.

oxybulle1619d ago

Thanks, I was wondering about Valiant Hearts.
Trine 2 is pretty good, I like it in 3D :)

moparful991619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

If the concept of a "superior indie platform is not important" then why are they strictly releasing on Xbox platforms?

If they wish to release only on Xbox thats their right but to act as though console exclusivity isn't important while remaining exclusive is kind of a contradiction..

DLConspiracy1619d ago

Perhaps they are thankful for the start that Xbox gave them and just want to stay with what works for them. It's a partnership of sorts. Seems like they are open to other avenues though.

SaveFerris1619d ago

That makes sense. I personally think Hello Games chose Sony for No Man's Sky first for similar reasons.

DLConspiracy1619d ago


Probably right. PS has been really open to a lot of different games. Where originally Xbox was not. I think that's all changing now.

system221619d ago

regardless of who is "superior", ms needs to lose their stupid parity clause. its counterproductive and everyone loses.

Bigpappy1619d ago

Okay, you are one of those guys who can't stand the parity clause. I don't want to know why as I am sure I will not agree. But what I would like to understand is how I, as an Xbox only gamer, am loosing by getting at lease the same quality indie games as everyone else.

Spotie1619d ago

Because of the games you're NOT getting thanks to the parity clause.

Isn't that obvious? You think those games get rejected because of quality? If that were the case, then why is the clause about WHEN the game releases on a given console?

Don't play dumb.

maniacmayhem1619d ago


What games isn't the Xbox getting because of the parity clause?

I love this huge concern you have about what games are not coming to the Xbox.

system221619d ago

i don't think you realize what parity clause is. it has nothing to do with getting the same quality game as everyone else. the parity clause is a launch parity clause. it states that an indie studio must launch their title on xbox at the same time as on other consoles. the problem is smaller indie studios don't usually have the resources to work on two or 3 console versions at the same time, so they launch on one and then work on the next one. what ms is saying is that if you don't launch your indie game on the xbox the same day you launch it on the playstation, you can't have it on our platform. nobody wins. the studio loses an audience which means less sales and i (as an xbox gamer as well) don't have an opportunity to play that game that i could have paid money for. nobody wins.

n4rc1619d ago

On the flip side.. Is it fair for ms to provide you Dev kits, dedicated servers, middleware licences etc so you can release on a competitors platform first?

Have we not already seen PS games make their way over to Xbox later? It seems to be negotiable

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Volkama1619d ago

Gamingbolt spoke to an indie dev, and didn't ask about resolution or esram?

Marked improvement. I'm actually impressed!

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