Alien: Isolation VR to Make Public Debut at SouthWest VR Meetup

The Creative Assembly debuted their work in virtual reality (VR) at last month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), where the highly anticipated Alien: Isolation was presented as a surprise addition to Oculus VR’s booth on the show floor. One month later however, the public will be given the opportunity to try Alien: Isolation in VR for the very first time at the SouthWest VR Meetup.

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ArchangelMike1656d ago

OMG. Alien Isolation in VR!!! I'd love to try this out.

Rute1656d ago

Yeah, I think survival horror is very well suited for VR.

amiga-man1656d ago

these games can be scary enough in the dark, to be immersed in this sort of game would take the experience to a whole new level,

Maybe they should put up a disclaimer, those with weak hearts should not play

Surely a game that will make it's way to Morpheus as well?

MrWonderful1656d ago

Hopefully this make its way to sony's VR headset as well. I would have loved to play outlast in VR. Probably would have shat myself lol.