CD Projekt talks Novigrad & choices in Witcher 3

Gamereactor caught up with the executive producer on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at E3 to learn more about what CD Projekt Red were showing at this year's show, the nature of the game and Geralt's role.

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ArchangelMike1563d ago

Is it just me or was that a really poor interview. It came across as though it had not been thought out at all! What a waste of time.

FalloutWanderer20771562d ago

I see what you are saying. Maybe he was so blown away by the behind closed doors presentation he was dumbfounded! lol :P

ArchangelMike1562d ago

You can tell the interviewers who have never played the Witcher games, 'cos they come across as clueless as tot he basic So many questions I would have asked.

Can you build camp fires anywhere?
How do potions work now, can you drink them anywhere or does it have have be at a camp fire?
Will you still have mutagens, will they be customisable?
What about forging weapons, it was very limitied and set in the last two games. Will it be expanded upon in this game?

I've got so many other questions, and then you look at an interview like this and no real questions are asked!