Fixed that for you: How we'd save the PS Vita

A 10 point guide for how Sony should give its handheld an adrenaline shot. Do you agree?

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1567d ago

Sony should open a few studios that focus only on Vita. And they can have studios like Sony Santa Monica help them out sometimes.

Anon19741567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Here's the thing about that though. If first party games were making a tonne of money on the Vita, we'd see more support. The fact that Sony is scaling back first party support tells us that they aren't selling. On the flip side of that, Sony's stated focus is to work with 3rd party devs and right there that tells you what's selling on the Vita. And it makes sense.

Smaller games and mobile devices go hand in hand. Most people aren't looking to game for hours on their portable. They want something smaller that they can jump into while they're riding the bus or waiting in the dr's office. While bigger, AAA Vita titles would be great for a handful of gamers, that's not what's selling on the system. Sony had first party developers putting these titles out and it hasn't worked or else they'd still be doing it.

I love these articles that claim they know what ails the Vita and Sony doesn't, despite the fact that Sony is aware of what's selling and what isn't on the Vita and these guys have no clue who's playing what.

So how do you fix that? You don't. You adjust your expectations and make money in a changing marketplace while taking your 30% cut from 3rd party devs and indies until you can bring the price down. Sony knows full well the Vita is a niche device and there's nothing wrong with that. Sony makes a tonne of electronics, some aimed at larger audiences and some aimed at smaller markets.

Not every device is supposed to sell gangbusters. Some are purposefully targeted at niche markets. That's the Vita and there's not a damn thing wrong with that as long as it's satisfying it's particular audience. There are a helluva lot of Vita owners out there, like me, that are quite happy with their Vita's and could care less if they make another Uncharted or Killzone game for it, and long as they keep up the stream of smaller, unique titles and multiconsole games I can choose to play on the go.

Rydro1566d ago

Yup and focus on it just like how they are doing on PS3/4

Chrono1567d ago

Get the developers some Red Bull.

Tetsujin1567d ago

Or a healthier option of Celsius Tea


I like how all these people act like they know how to save a system that's doing good.

Agent_hitman1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I think Sony have tried everything to revive that 50/50 handheld (whether the sony fanboys disagree or not). They even paired it with PS4 as a second screen but it wan't that successful. The simple fact is, the Vita isn't selling well that's why top devs and publisher are hesitating to invest for AAA titles for that handheld. I think even EA have already decided to ceased the support for that device...

The vita is a powerful handheld gaming system but the Android tabs and phones, even the iDevices are holding back the vita.. Like I said whether you disagree or not. I know this site is dominated by pro Sony fans so I expect that there will be disagrees.. It doesn't matter

CARROT1809941567d ago

They need a GTA vita game like the city stories PSP games

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