WWE 2K15 to have Hulk Hogan Special Edition??

This was hinted by Hulk Hogan himself

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AllAboutGaming1658d ago

It is sad how lame the WWE games have become. Thank God I still have my N64 and all the badass AKI games that were made for it.


BillytheBarbarian1658d ago

I still go back to no mercy too. 75% of the time you're looking at "Loading..." screens. Loading since smack down on ps1.

THamm1658d ago

Loading is still the major problem in videogames, which can totally take you out of the experience and ruin some games to boredom. I can't believe that no one has come up with a way to rid of these especially in sports games although it's getting better

BillytheBarbarian1658d ago

NBA 2k, Nfl 2k5, and a handful of other visual concepts games load really fast and they mask the loading by letting you edit you're roster or listen to something in the commentary that's relevant to the match up...unlike madden that shows Tony Gonzalez in a chiefs uniform in a video that shows old footage from 2007. You can even skip through the game intro once it is loaded which is rarely more than 10 seconds.

I don't even watch the entrance for the wrestlers because it loads even more for each wrestler. The matches in smack down /wwe2k are so fast that you could finish two matches in the time it takes to load a triple threat match.

TomahawkX1655d ago

Can't wait to see some next-gen footage of this game, hopefully we can an accurate Booker T this year lol.