The PS Vita is in Extremely High Demand Right Now

The Vita is finally in extremely high demand throughout the United States.

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AaronPS1620d ago

Good to see. The Vita is a surprisingly good handheld. Don't bash it till you've tried it. Hopefully this will push developers to take it more serious and get some more big titles out.

LOGICWINS1620d ago

"Don't bash it till you've tried it"

Not the issue. No one is bashing the Vita itself. Its a fantastic piece of hardware. What people are "bashing" is Sony's reluctance to support it with any effective marketing and AAA exclusives. The problem is with Sony...not the Vita itself. Thats the way its been since Day 1.

Capt-FuzzyPants1620d ago

That and it is more expensive than its competitor, the 3DS which does get a lot of support.

thehobbyist1620d ago

Not to mention most of games will only appeal to people who like very Japanese games. Thankfully that's why I bought the device.

Maddens Raiders1620d ago

Being that the Vita is the companion device for the PS4, and given the rabid demand for the PS4, this would make total sense.

Visiblemarc1620d ago

Lack of effective marketing? 100%

However, games have never really been lacking. Notably, it had a super strong launch.

These days, though, admittedly it's 'indie' heavy. I don't mind, but some do.

Still, even I hope for renewed AAA first party support.

Joe9131620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I think they really only had a year to do marketing for vita before they started to ramp up marketing for ps4 I don't think they have the marketing dollars to go full bore on vita and ps4 so they have to choose and they choose ps4

BigDog551620d ago

IMO Sony has always been not very good at marketing !!

Half_Minute_Hero1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Lacking even 720P, the Vita is not "fantastic hardware". It's good hardware. Not fantastic. Seeing as how it only pushes 544P, this handheld should be coming out with some amazing visuals, but, as Borderlands 2 proves, it's not very capable.

Giul_Xainx1620d ago

Every time I see those stupid three capitol letters I become a little more disappointed with the gaming community.

A game could sell 20 billion copies and I would be the one person who never bought the game. Why? Because what is popular isn't always the best choice.

Since when did gaming become a status symbol that requires you to only play certain games in order to call yourself anything gaming related?

James Nintendo Nerd plays shitty games and yet he is somehow respected as a hard core gamer for it.

pyramidshead1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Actually that's false. It did have AAA support at the start, but no-one was buying it or it didn't sell well. In business sense why would you continue to support something that doesn't sell and the software that's developed in house doesn't sell either? Once sales pick up I would imagine they'll reconsider. Since it's for gaming on the go indies and third party are more than enough when you start to think about what games you'd rather play mobile or away from your PC or PS4 on holiday or something. Does no first party suck? Of course, but I can understand why they don't invest heavily anymore. Killzone Mercenaries was the last huzzah and it's a brilliant game.

Edit: What is killing the vita is it's price point and ridiculously priced proprietary memory card storage. I'm actually thinking of asking for the import of the 64GB card for christmas or something as a 'main' present, they're that expensive.

OT: I went in for an OLED before they start to go extinct and I have about 20 games for it. 2 physical and most through PS+. It's a great little handheld and I've not really been interested in HH gaming since the gameboy advanced lol.

FarEastOrient1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )


In comparison to the 3DS the resolution is better. If you want hardware that runs at 720P, grab a cellphone, which at the time cost $500-700 during the Vita launch. As the market spoke, people weren't buying it in droves at $300, why would they at $500?

SilentNegotiator1620d ago

Define "high demand", am I right?

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XxExacutionerxX1620d ago

I've had more fun with the PS vita than I have with the PS4.

LOGICWINS1620d ago

I hear KZ: Mercenary had a better campaign than Shadowfall, which doesn't surprise me since Shadowfall's campaign left a lot to be desired.

ar000431620d ago

Anyone else read "get some big titties out"? No? Just me? I'm leaving

AD7051620d ago

The main problem with the vita is that it's too damn pricey. Not only you have to buy the vita but you'll need a good sized memory card just to save or store any games with it. If sony lowered the price to a reasonable level it would do a lot better.

kingdom181620d ago

^This. I agree completely. As is, with the newest model, the Vita is only about 30$ more expensive than the 3DS and cheaper than the XL model, but they gouge us with the prices for the dang memory cards. If they would just advertise it, and decrease the prices of memory cards even more, I think the Vita would be doing a lot better.

Clogmaster1620d ago

It's also cheaper and easier to develop for the 3DS.

3-4-51620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I love my Vita, I just wish there were more games that weren't fan service or 1st person dungeon crawlers, or games with demons/spirits.

* There needs to be a bit more variety and games that appeal to more people. Not casual games, but more games of various genres & sub-genres.

Too many Niche games.

There are some great games for it, but not as many as we'd all like yet obviously.

* Freedom Wars & Tales of Hearts R both look to be pretty good games.

* Maybe those + a few more traditional RPG's could help out a bit.

NEW Games I'd love to see on Vita:

* Spyro
* Dark Cloud
* Dragon Quest
* Rogue Galaxy
* Star Ocean
* Suikoden
* Tales of
* Kingdom Hearts Remix 1.5 & 2.5
* Shining series - Any of them
* Tactics ogre
* More Level-5 games
* Torchlight 2
* Dungeon Defenders 1 & 2
* Some kind of Multiplayer Spy game with gadgets
* Any of the Trails in the Sky Vita games

Magicite1620d ago

Price, lack of AAA software, poor advertisement - these are main reasons why its struggling (or was).

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Chrono1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

If only it were true

NegativeCreep4271620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

There you go. Now that your mind is at ease go and have a happy rest tonight little baby troll.

Software_Lover1620d ago

Where are the statistics? No numbers just quotes from other people.

KonsoruMasuta1620d ago

They don't have any statistics. Sony said that they were having trouble keeping up with the Vita demand, and that's what this site is going by.

I really doubt it's because it's in "extremely high demand". Odds are, Sony produced stock in low quantities and the Vita sold more than they expected it to initially. It's a good sign but it's not what this article suggests it is.

kingdom181620d ago

I think "in higher demand" would be a better title.

majiebeast1620d ago

I think selling 56K in May according to NPD, says more then enough. Vita will be remembered as the Dreamcast of handhelds.

Nerdmaster1620d ago

The difference is that Dreamcast had a good number of fantastic games.

thehobbyist1620d ago

Quotes from Sony representatives.

G20WLY1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

It seems like some on here would be happier to believe it if it was VGChartz! lol

Anon19741620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

So we've got Sony stating they're working to keep up with the higher demand for the Vita and people claim that's BS. Now we've got Gamestop saying that demand is up and caught them off guard, making supply tight. And anyone can jump on Amazon or retail websites and confirm that the Vita is looking a little more hard to come by these days.

But no..this must be some sort of conspiracy to try to fool the fraction of consumers out there that actually read this type of news that the Vita is scare, so all 10 of them can all rush out and not buy one because supply is tight, right?

There's no mystery here. Like KonsoruMasuta said, Sony had probably cut back on production of the Vita due to slower summer sales and to focus on getting the PSTV ready to go. Then demand went up more than they expected and now they're caught short. It's not like creating supply constraints in the slow period of the summer is going to somehow spark a rush of people to the stores to pick Vita's up. That doesn't even make sense and yet in every single article regarding the shortages I've seen, that's what people are claiming Sony is doing.

Just makes me shake my head.

SpiralTear1620d ago

It's hard to believe that the Vita is selling THAT well. At the moment, Sony's marketing philosophy for the Vita hasn't changed much. In fact, they're supporting it less now more than ever.

It's not foolish to think that Sony is cutting back production because the Vita hasn't done much for them. No point in mass producing something that doesn't sell. It isn't "artificial supply constraints" and it's not Sony trying to trick everyone into buying it because there's less on the market. They don't see it as lucrative enough so there's less systems to make and distribute. That's it.

Anon19741620d ago

You are missing a key point though. The PSTV. You can't say on one hand that Sony isn't supporting the Vita and then ignore the fact that Sony's readying a major push of Vita based hardware into new markets at a killer price point. That's not less support. That's Sony changing their tactics. They wouldn't have based the PSTV off Vita hardware if they were planning to abandon the system, and if the PSTV does well we know that will lead to more developer support as the Vita hardware install base grows.

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sungin1620d ago

vitaboys for sony fanboys