12 H1Z1 Weather Transitions Show Amazing Change Of Atmosphere

These are all looking great, although we wonder if SOE can add even more weather conditions in the future.

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ATi_Elite1618d ago

H1Z1` really makes great use of the Grey Scale lol

Need to see this running in real time and YES I'm gonna compare this to the king of all Survival Zombie Apocalypse Simulator games (DayZ of course) every chance I get.

I do like the direction H1Z1 is going and I'm looking forward to adding this to my game rotation.

*Edit saw some real time footage and it looks about as good as DayZ so no problem graphics wise but Zombie A.I. was total trash though but game is not finished yet.

Mega241618d ago

Like the DayZ creator, they are taking they're sweet time updating the Zombie A.I. They explained it on the live stream a few months ago, they said something about balancing everything else first, then making the zombies more smarter. I kind of hate DayZ zombies, they are not a real threat, unlike every other player in the game.

Magicite1618d ago

okay, now give us release date, please.

LoveForGames1618d ago

takes him some time to fix that car ...

gamerfan09091618d ago

Whatever happened to Undead Labs? I thought they were supposed to be working on a sequel to state of decay. If they're not careful this game is going to bite into a large portion of their fanbase.

wannabe gamer1618d ago

they have still been releasing DLC for state of Decay. i beleive they are working on something they have said but its still behind closed doors

gamerfan09091618d ago

Seems weird, though. I would've bet money they would have came out at the MS E3 and announced something for PC and XB1. Oh well.

Lulz_Boat1618d ago

wwwwwhat???dynamic snow??

jmoney23031613d ago

Seems to look like a good game so far. Hopefully it won't be pay to win which they said in an interview it won't be, but we'll see.