The Co-op Podcast 80: Will The Vita Remain As An Expensive PS4 Accessory?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Joining us on episode 80 is our returning guest Austin Conway, Michael A, and Charles Singletary. Unfortunately, both our regular hosts Edward V and Jakejames Lugo couldn't make the show. We had some seriously deep discussions on this episode, one of them based on the future of the Playstation Vita. Apparently the Vita slim is selling like hot cakes in the US and Sony are having trouble keeping them stocked. But an important question comes into play, are they selling for the right reason? Has the Vita been reduced to being a PS4 accessory? We share our thoughts.

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MrKennedy1665d ago

This is a good podcast about games called the co-op that runs over 2 hours.

jaggernaut251665d ago

Jesus Christ this is long. Inception is only 5 minutes longer than this podcast.

SwiffEpics1665d ago

But it's the best episode ever!

DeadRabbits1665d ago

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!! I just woke up from a snooze and this podcast was still on! What year is it?

Software_Lover1665d ago

It seems all accessories, even controllers, are getting expensive. Even for VR you need

The camera
The move controller (for some games)
The VR headset

You could just buy another console for that amount. Then the controllers costing almost 100.00 is just ridiculous. The vita will probably live on as a ps4 for the crapper. It just seems that way.

rbailey1665d ago

Sony hasn't done a good job supporting the Vita in my honest opinion. Japanese ports of RPGs are cool and all, but where are the games made specifically for the Vita? I'm not talking about a PS4 or PS3 game that also has a Vita version, but rather a game fully dedicated to the device itself. They have a ton of work to do now to convince me this is more than just a PS4 accessory at this point.