Dragon Age 3 Inquisition Writer Hits Back On Critics Of Gay Character

Is Bioware merely pandering to the LGBT community? Is that wrong in itself? Read David Gaider's reaction.

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corvusmd1571d ago

As long as he is a quality Character in the game, doesn't bother me, I'll judge him on his actions...don't care which team he plays for in his personal time. I really doubt he'll be hitting on me, so it doesn't matter at all.

NextLevel1571d ago

"I really doubt he'll be hitting on me, so it doesn't matter at all."


Drithe1571d ago

You can bet he WILL be hitting on you. Lol. You can also bet that the game will NOT allow you to reject him either.

I would expect lawsuits from people if this happened, calling for sexual harrasment in a game.

It's coming. Wait and see.

Mr Marvel1570d ago

That's fine, as long as we also have the option to kill off any unwanted party members too.

joab7771571d ago

Martin Luther King Jr. had it right all that time ago when he said that you judge a man on the content of his character.

Until we get to that point, racism, sexism etc. will continue to exist. I am sick and tired of pandering and political correctness being used to make money. I dont know if Bioware is pandering or not but until we get to the point in which it isnt a headline for an article if someone is black, gay or a woman, then we still hav problems.

Drithe1571d ago

It's nothing personal. Just business. Many movies and some games have had gay or effeminate characters in them and the fact they were gay was not a big deal or was just an after thought. Bioware wants to cash in on this.

What do you bet this game will not sell as well as the other two?

yodawins1571d ago

I just face palm at your comments.

ThatOneRiggaNob1571d ago

Welp I hope the gay character like rejection because that's all he's going to get from me! I refuse to let that stop me from buying this game though. I'm trying to play games, that's all.

s1rnem1571d ago

Sounds more like a response to IGN deciding to headline the article about the character calling him "the first fully gay character". Rather than a response to critics.

richierich1571d ago

I think all of this is for publicity just to give EA a good name and make people think that they are the good guys by fighting back against prejudice. Personally I dont care if a character is gay or not as long as this game turns out good.

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The story is too old to be commented.