Xbox One is the home of competitive console gaming

Today MWEB GameZone will be taking a look at how Microsoft is taking full advantage of the growth of console eSports in an attempt to grow their market share of the console war.

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HanCilliers1569d ago

Say about the Xbox One what you will, it beats the PS4 hands down when it comes to eSports

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ExposingLames1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

MLG only exists because of a PS exclusive. It started as "SOCOMbattles".

Also just because microsoft wants to throw money around doesn't make them "better" If they put as much effort into making IPs as they do getting "timed content" and exclusive content and other things they might be in a better situation. That HALO crutch won't last forever and there are a lot of gamers who like more realistic type games as opposed to jumping 15 feet in the shooting pink and purple aliens and playing tag with grenades.

Personally I think alienating players because of what console they choose especially when one is an obvious choice (in many peoples opinon) is pretty weak. Could be running off or missing out on some great gamers or the next big player.

Software_Lover1569d ago

Yeah, because getting shot multiple times, then getting a health pack drop from a medic is realistic.

They are video games. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just never equate them with being realistic.

sidenote: I understood what you meant, just showing you another side of the argument.

ExposingLames1569d ago

@ software lover

I fully agree. It just preferences and as a gamer I am very glad there are many types of experiences out there to check out and enjoy.

ic3fir31569d ago

Halo never had aliens in the competitive multiplayer, is spartan humans vs spartans humans.

In the competitive do not entered laser weapons , only human weapons, with bullets.

if you're talking about realism
  there is no realistic multiplayer fps, just watch the BF, give life to a dead comrade, lol super competitive =)

Halo, Gears best competitive games on consoles.

COD is competitive because the name, CoD is noobfriendly game, noobs liked =)
Halo is most for a true hardcore gamers

y7jzdgy1569d ago

People like you will just never get it.

Dewitt1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

No MLG started as AGP back in 00'. Sundance and Shibby bought the rights to the MLG name in 03'. AGP started with Quake and UT on PC and took off after Halo was released. I know this because I was apart of it all.

ExposingLames1569d ago


hmmm thats crazy. I come from SOCOM and did play SOCOM competitively until they ruined the series with the later titles. Heres a link for you..note the source.


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pompombrum1569d ago

Xbox has a rich history of competitive gaming which certainly gives it an edge but neither consoles were designed for esports. Neither support system link and that's a pretty big factor in their viability in offline tournaments.

Being honest though, the home of competitive console gaming will be the one which actually invests in it. Right now, I would give the edge to Microsoft/Xbox simply because of Halo but nothing is stopping Sony from taking an interest and taking over.

asmith23061569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

eSports? Xbone is saved lol!! That will definitely make me get one!

Jonny5isalive1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

competitive console gaming and Esports, 2 oxymorons. JK JK calm down

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MonstaTruk1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Digital Foundry just did an analysis on the Xbox One version of COD: Advanced Warfare, based off of the E3 presentation. 900p/30-40fps average, the first time it's dipped low in FPS like that since the Xbox/PS2 days. the platform for "competitive gaming"? :-/

In the words of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, "Child, please!"

Volkama1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

It was an early build (and on the old SDK), and featuring only the single player campaign. Multiplayer could well have a locked 60fps frame rate, as that is where framerate becomes a real priority.

Not trying to be all "wuh I love XBox" here, and I haven't bought a COD game since COD2. But why not wait and see how the multiplayer part of the game performs when the game launches before going all nuts?

@Monsta no... I expect them to stick to the same exact cash-in formula that they have done for many years now. Which includes 60fps multiplayer gameplay, does it not?

MonstaTruk1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

So let me get this straight: a group of developers who are under the umbrella of a big money-making-machine publisher named Activision, that just throws a makeshift story and tweak a couple of multiplayer features every year to produce TOO MANY millions every year like expect THOSE GUYS to fine tune their game a lot more than what's been revealed in June because...they SHOULD?'s what players DESERVE? The right thing to do by COD/Xbox One fans? You expect right up to the minute fine tuning by...Activision?! Lol, I'm being trolled right now, right?

@Volkama & DLConspiracy
My point is that they showed what they showed at E3. This is ACTIVISION, for Pete's sake. This is cash-spamming COD. And it's June. This is it. You can convince yourself that more work is gonna go into it to make it better all you want. They're FAT. And if a FAT kid is guaranteed cake whether he was good or bad, he's not going to "try" to be good/better.'s getting cake, still.

DLConspiracy1569d ago

That was also based off a game trailer/video from the xbox one E3 show btw. They said it was around 882p as well but its hard to tell until the game is finalized.

I definitely see your point though. Perhaps dedicated servers that Xbox one offers up like free candy to devs also has some swaying ability too. After all p2p vs dedicated servers. Dedicated always wins as more reliable and stable.

DLConspiracy1569d ago


I definitely think we all assume that to a degree but it may not be as simple. It seems the easy reason to sway but what would explain last gen to this gen?

Whitey2k1569d ago

Only fanboys will say the x1 is better

thrust1569d ago

Only fanboys will say it isn't!

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1569d ago

Whitey2k = fanboy
thrust = fanboy

kickerz1569d ago

1 fanboy + 1 fanboy = fanboys

Software_Lover1569d ago

I just can't believe people are so emotional about it. They got the deal, get over it. For those gloating this as a win over ps4, just let it go.

Tito081569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Not a total win when PS3s and most likely PS4s will be used mostly for Evolution fighting tournaments, you can keep your XBox with Call of Duty tournaments for all I care.

Rijit1569d ago

What?! Microsoft is sponsoring Evo also most majors only use 360 so I dunno what u mean by that comment. The trend will probably stay that way for multiplat fighting games but of course for guilty gear xrd n blazeblues there will be Sony.

speedforce1311569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )


Correct. A lot of people tend to forget fighting games as e-sports and they think competitive gaming is a lock on Xbox and it's really not. There's other genres out there, FG's especially that have a large following.

Last gen, Xbox 360 was the majority owned console, it was also the better performing out of the two (for the fg's that were released), so that's why it was featured in tournaments.

It's not because they were sponsored by MS, because as someone who has been in the FGC for a very long time, I have to LOL at that! Out of all the sponsors, MS is the LAST company you'd look for and ESPECIALLY for the Evo series tournaments. (just to make it clear, they were NEVER a sponsor)

This gen, as PS4 is no longer the poor performing out of the two, and no longer the minority, it will be used as the main console for future FG's released. Xbox will be going out the door as far as fighting game tournaments are concerned (if they'll be used, it'll be for KI).

MysticStrummer1569d ago

"I just can't believe people are so emotional about it. They got the deal, get over it."

Yup. It was an existing contract that will now continue. More to do with business than gaming.

christocolus1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

Well its not shocking. Xbox live set a standard last gen and many publishers jumped onboard..and also MS has always partnered with 3rd party devs for competitive tournaments and theyve always pushed for competitive multiplayer in their games. Halo, Gears, ryse, dance central spot light,dr3, project spark, zoo tycoon,power star golf, forza,forza horizon2, sunset overdrive,crackdown,phantum dust, fable legends even kinect sports rivals all have some sort of competitive multiplayer built into them even assasins creed unitys co-op gameplay was demoed at MS e3 conference and even though psn has caught and maybe surpassed xbx live in some ways I.e free can't deny the fact that xbx live is still the more stable,reliable and secure network its a testament to the huge amount of resources ms keeps pouring into their online infrastructure.

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