Life after Ground Zeroes - what's new with MGS5: The Phantom Pain? (Digital Foundry)

"Earlier this year we were given a taste of Metal Gear Solid 5 with the release of Ground Zeroes across four different console platforms. It was an impressive game with a robust graphics engine, but it only represented a small chunk of what will ultimately become Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, due next year."

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DEEBO1658d ago

The wait it is killing me! i would push back every AAA game coming out this fall for MGS5 and the witcher3 to come out this year.

ArchangelMike1657d ago

I actually agree with you there. Apart from Destiny, I'd swap out all the other games coming out this year for MGS5, The Witcher3 and The Order.

crxss1656d ago

i think the older consoles will suffer from bottleneck issues. can't wait to grab this in 1984!

GrandpaSnake1657d ago

i was actually really hoping they kept all of the original moves snake had in mgs4 plus what they did with ground zeros. i really miss the leaning function and fast movement of mgs4 GZ is really fun and smooth, snake moves much more realistic but i wish they would of improved(yes its much improved)/added moves on the mechanics and abilities of the character instead of boss being much simpler.