DOOM 4 E3 2014 Teaser Trailer Was Not Rendered Real-Time: Report

Bethesda at E3 2014 reveal the first teaser trailer of next installment in DOOM franchise, "DOOM" (probably a tentative title and is popular called as DOOM 4 among fans right now). The graphics/visuals details in the trailer were of top notch and so questions were raised whether teaser trailer is rendered real-time in new id Tech

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DevilishSix1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

Keep expectations low on this one. Id is a developer in decline and now that John Carmack is gone this small development group won't be together much longer. In fact I expect this to be Id propers last game. Bethesda purchased Id for their Ip's and game engines. With Carmack gone there will not be anymore game engine advancements coming from this developer, so that part of the business is going away. Bethesda can have other developers work on Id Ip's like MachineGames did with Wolfenstein. Id takes to long to make and release average games. Rage took what five years? The last true Doom game was Doom 3 ten years ago and Doom 4 has already been scrapped once and restarted (according to reports). I think this is Id's last game unless it sells a ton of copies, which is doubtful.

MysticStrummer1569d ago

The last true Doom game was Doom 2 imo. Doom 3 turned the series in a different direction. I couldn't get into it at all.

JsonHenry1569d ago

Fighting on Mars against the same aliens as in 1&2 was a different direction?

Activemessiah1569d ago

@JsonHenry It was the main direction.

mixelon1569d ago

Agreed, in terms of mood and gameplay they're totally different. :/ Doom2 forever!

MysticStrummer1569d ago

"Fighting on Mars against the same aliens as in 1&2 was a different direction?"

The gameplay was very different.

MrGEE1568d ago

so true doom 1 and 2 was so cool fast paste fast movement moe enemys doom 3 has only good graphics but the game is shity boring and slow music sucks compered to old ones,

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Dark111569d ago

Yeah i have no hope for DOOM 4.

Born_to_Chill1569d ago

Carmack was mostly working on VR when he was at id. He never seemed to be that involved with what the rest of the company was doing. Yes id was poorly managed for years but now Bethesda is watching and cracking the whip. Rage was a tech demo that just got made into a game. In interviews with id devs about Rage they kept saying "If you like this then Doom will blow you away. Just wait for Doom. DOOM DOOM DOOM!!!" They have a passion for this franchise and they know a lot of other people do too. They have restarted on the newest game like 2 or 3 times now to make sure they get it right.

Wolfenstein the New Order was proof that these old FPS games can be revitalized for the current market and do a pretty good job at it too. I look forward to seeing this new Doom because they will have to give it their all. If they don't prove themselves with this game then Bethesda will force id to only work on idtech engines and leave their ip's to the other talented devs they have.

wallis1569d ago

Not really news. It was clearly not footage from the engine, was never claimed as such and like almost all trailers shown at E3 was nothing more an attempt at starting a hype train.

turdburgler10801569d ago

Who could possibly be that stupid as to believe that was real time? *the collective buttholes of Sony fans everywhere pucker*;)

zeroskie1569d ago

I don't even remember this video from E3. Wow.

corvusmd1569d ago

Sweet, can't wait for the beta.

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