Monster Hunter Frontier G5 - more footage

Monster Hunter Frontier G5 - more footage video.

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MSBAUSTX1570d ago

What platform is this game on. It is 3 U thats for sure. Something new?

thehobbyist1569d ago

It's a (Currently) Japanese exclusive game. Available on PC and set to launch(Few of these may have already) PS3, WiiU, X360 and Vita.

MSBAUSTX1569d ago

I hope that isnt Wii U game play. The engine looks k ike Freedom Unite from my old PSP. And that is not acceptable this day and age.

jegheist20141570d ago

god i want this on my wii u i heard its mmo style mh if so id pay monthly fee for this sucka im monster hunter fanatic my god visualso n this is amazing

DjKiba1570d ago

Really hoping they release this in NA for the Vita too.

DjKiba1570d ago

Yeah but only in Japan I think. PS3, Vita, PC and I think they were also going to make a Wii U. Not sure.

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