PS3 and the Lack of Avatars

One of the great things about the PS3 is the ability to download and create custom themes and wallpapers to personalize your console for no cost. Sony has a bank of avatars to choose from for free as well (Gamer Pictures to you Xbox 360 users out there). Not having to pay for these is terrific and Loot Ninja hopes it always stays that way. However, the lack of additions to the avatar selection is upsetting.

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TheHater4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

Sony should at least update the Avatar list once a month. I know they update it every time a first party game come out, or an exclusive. So hopefully we will see some MGS4 avatar soon :)

Edit: The updated it weeks before Haze came out with come Haze avatar. So hopefully the do they same with Metal Gear Solid 4. I check it last night and it wasn't updated :(

fiercescuba4646d ago

great idea. bubbles and agrees.

drunkpandas4646d ago

Yeah maybe have avatars available in the PlayStation Store (for free) so everyone knows when new ones are available. I would have expected some nice Heavenly Sword, MGS4, or Little Big Planet avatars by now.

Tempist4646d ago

They'll only be happy when custom avatars are available. Then you know they'll be putting up some penises, asses and females they wish they could be avatars.

Lifendz4646d ago

I love my PS3 and the fact that I haven't paid one cent to use PSN is a major factor as to why. That said, why can't I upload my own avatar icon or use a photo on my harddrive? Sony's selection is okay, but I'd like to upload my own avatar.

Lifendz4646d ago

the potential for offensive avatars. Simply add a "report image" link and that's that. ANd if you're that offended then DONT BE FRIENDS WITH THAT PERSON! Simple. If someone would use an avatar that offends you then you probably don't want to be friends with that person anyway. As more and more people buy PS3s gone are the days when I'd play Resistance Fall of Man online and hear nothing because no one owned a blu-tooth. Now I hear all sorts of things that are offensive. Thank god for mute in COD4. Same thing with this. If we're mature enough to drop the funds for a PS3 then we're mature enough to deal with offensive avatars.

PSN: Lifendz

Light Yagami4646d ago

Yeah, new avatars would be nice or the ability to make your avatar. I mean the ones we have right now are good, but are kinda old already. I would like some Final Fantasy XIII or MGS4.

Milky4646d ago

I have Kratos's face as my avatar. Anyway, I dont see a problem.

Maverick_4645d ago

I use a Helghast icon. Red eyes FTW.

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kosha4646d ago

At the moment my avatar is the snake off flow. Only because i didnt wanna be the same as all my mates which are nearly all either nathan off resistance or kratos

drunkpandas4646d ago

That's what gets annoying... looking down your friends list and seeing the same avatar over and over

Lifendz4646d ago

only because no one else has it. Nothing reminds me more of the lack of custom avatars than logging on and seeing 10 people with the same avatar as me.

SPECTER4646d ago

yea I want a Young Snake avatar
they gave us Haze but we want MGS ones

Shadow Flare4646d ago

Great article and about time someone brought it up. I wish you could use photos in your avatars. I can't see why not, you can already use a photo as your avatar for your login profile. At the moment i switch inbetween crash bandicoot and the happy dog. Happy dog ftw

TheHater4646d ago

I agree. But there is a little problem with that. For example people might upload pornographic image as their avatar, and I don't Sony will be too happy with that.

So If the do allow that, and some do upload a pornographic image as their avatar, then you have a little b!tch complain. Then you have the media making a big deal about it like the whole Mass Effect situation. Unless Sony can somehow filter the images you upload as your avatars, I don't see this happen at all.

Shadow Flare4646d ago

yeah good point. I suppose though if someone had an image like that on your friends list, just message them and say something like 'look i have kids that use my ps3, can you change your avatar please' and if they don't just delete them off your friends list. But thats a problem i hadn't thought of. In that case i just wish sony made more avatars. I always wanted grey fox from mgs1 as my psn avatar tho

taz80804646d ago

This makes sense, as you can do it with your 360 and take a picture and make that your icon for your friends to see.

Shortstop4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

Nah, don't force them to use an "acceptable" avatar.. just allow being able to decide who's avatars are shown and who's aren't. A simple "hide avatar" option.

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PirateThom4646d ago

Mine is just the default grey square with a face!

I'm waiting for a Snake one.

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