Playstation3 frenzy hits Canada

Canadian gamers eager for their fix starting lining up outside retailers Wednesday to snap up the new Sony PlayStation3.

Ben Lovatt, 18, the owner of an online company, started queuing up outside a Best Buy outlet on Toronto's Bay Street at about 5 p.m. on Wednesday, in time to buy his PS3 Friday morning.

"I saw the first and second people line up and decided that I had better get in line. It's only a couple of days."

Small tent cities arose out of the pavement by electronics stores as hundreds of Edmontonians were ''chillin'' for a chance to get their frozen hands on PlayStation 3.

The cold wind blowing across an Edmonton shopping complex wasn't enough to deter Ben Garcia, Kari Shriver and Chris Jensen from lining up outside the Best Buy store on Wednesday afternoon for a 40-hour wait for the new $659 system that offers vivid graphics, a new generation of games and compatibility with high definition TV...

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Arkham4448d ago

Just got back from EB Games with mine. Besides the free Jak & Dax racing, possibly a toss, they were offering a free BluRay movie (I got Fifth Element), as well as the Ricky Bobby flick. Traded 3 old games and got Resistance for free.

Damn if I have to work today, too. But I'm sure I'll find some time for a long-lunch. Gotta love home offices.

Have fun everyone - see you online.

HyperBear4448d ago

Man, this just sucks. I really wanted one, and i end up not camping outside of BB of FS just cause all those stores are only getting like 20 and there were already 40+ ppl there. Now ive got to try other ways, and right now, its not working for me, but I say, Ill wait. No Good Games besides Resistance anyways, plus Resistance will be the #1 game played for the next months so yea. SCREW PS3 for now, Im gonna jump in and go play some Gears o' War.

Mikey_Gee4447d ago

Arrived at the Sony store at 4am after a nice nights sleep and pizza and beer the just before getting some shut eye and setting my alarm.

As it turns out ... did end up getting a 60gig PS3 at the Sony store in the Redeau Centre. Only had four, open front pharmacy door and OC door and you had to RUN LIKE A MAD MAN to the sony store. Got the 2nd place in line and that meant a 60gig PS3,

So at 5am they handed out the cards with the numbers from one to four.

While in line still with only the card with a number two on it, guy walks up ... offers $1800 cash that was in an envelope in his hand. Counted it out (twice) made sure they were not fake and BAM ... deal was done.

Yes, could have got more on E-Bay ... but you know what .... no HASTLE at all.

So before even having the machine in my hand, I had it sold at $1800

My other bud about 4 hours away in Huntsville got a 20gig and called us soon as it had it in his hands ... so we piped up with the news we had another and let the bids start .... as luck would have it ... for his 20gig ..... $1500

He is on his wayd own tommorow and we will sell it off. Picked him up one of the AWSOME FS bundles today since it was a ONE DAY ONLY thing. I get my money back I used to pick it up for him ... and he pockets $1000

I am off to bed now with only 2 hours sleep in 24 hours.