Nintendo of Canada officially joins Twitter

Nintendo of America:
"Nintendo of Canada is now on Twitter! Follow NintendoCanada for Canadian news, events, special offers & more!"

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FinalomegaS1571d ago


wouldn't they just copy and paste whats going on down south...

Neonridr1571d ago

no, not if the news was pertaining to events or tour dates that were happening north of the border.

FinalomegaS1571d ago

i live in estern side of canada and 95% of the nintendo news originates from NOA.

only thing NOC does is small events to promote a big first party game.

Last one was DK:tropical freeze.

more advertisement and stuff on billboards would be great and in the subway.Metros

HavokPants1571d ago

"you wanted a majoras mask remake but we gave you windwaker sorry eh" canadian nintendo direct