Nintendo's Financial Meeting Reveals Strategy for "Hand-Me-Down Smartphones”

Nintendo released the official translation for their recent financial meeting, which reiterated plenty of information for shareholders (including the Zelda Wii U title), as well as revealed some new tidbits concerning the company and smartphones.

A question pertaining to Nintendo’s strategy concerning the ever growing and dangerous smartphone market was asked during the meeting. Shigeru Miyamoto responded in turn.

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sonypsnow1567d ago

Nintendo Next-Gen Mobile Gaming Console with Phone Capabilities probably confirmed!

iamnsuperman1567d ago

Not really. Nintendo is talking about the fear of such devices and Nintendo putting phone capabilities in its handheld (even though they don't remotely hint at it) won't stop the hand me down smartphone problem

LonDonE1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

I dont understand why Sony doesn't make a Xperia smart phone which is also a playstation vita and PSP all in one! that thing would sell like hot cakes! especially if it also had the playstation mobile app! and was able to play all the ps1,psp and vita games!

Its the same with Nintendo why they dont just make their own phone which is also a game boy, a gba, a ds, a 3ds all in one is beyond me! imagine if you could buy all the legacy nes,snes n64, gba, ds, 3ds,game boy, game boy colour games for 99p and £1 and £2!!!! those games would sell like hot cakes! gamers would so buy a smart phone which is a playstation vita/psp and a smart phone which is a 3ds/ds/gba/gb! it makes even more sense for Sony since they have a excellent smart phone division and have Sony Eriksson division, its like a no brainer!!

Nintendo would rake in the money, if they only sold the older nintendo games on their mobile phone/hand held games console at cheap mobile ios/android like games! nintendo older classic games are much better then most of the rubbish you get on ios and android! it would be like a mobile phone gaming revolution! seriously why has no one at nintendo figured out selling the virtual console games at £5 is too high!!!! these games would sell so much more if they were cheap downloadable games like on ios and android! yes i understand the cheap ios like game have far less content compared to nintendo legacy games but that besides the point! some of these games are like 20+ years old! Nintendo has made their money of these games! and we as the fans of nintendo own most of these games on multiple consoles/handhelds!

MasterCornholio1567d ago

Your basically asking Sony to produce an Xperia Play 2 right?

LonDonE1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

THANKS FOR THE LINK, that thing looks awesome and i will buy one as soon as i can lol
except that you cant!!!
read this

its fake and was just a concept some one dreamed up and made into a rumour! shame it would of been awesome! but it would have to have analogue sticks like the vita or its a no go!!!