Get an Xbox One Console Without Kinect For $360 via Groupon

Hardcore Gamer: Groupon's got an unreal deal right now. For $360, you can get a Kinect-less Xbox One with 500 GB of storage space thanks to a promo code

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ValKilmer1568d ago

Wow, that's an insane deal.

crxss1568d ago

I got my ps4 for $360 :/

crxss1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

craigslist. brand new. i live in a city though

there's also plenty on ebay

Rearden1568d ago

I have to admit, even for a PS4 owner like myself, this is a great deal.

BlkPearl1568d ago

damn it ValKilmer you're everywhere...

Aquariusgamer1568d ago

for 360...

I see what they did thar.

ValKilmer1568d ago


I didn't even catch that. I wonder if that's purposeful?

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