Editorial: Gaming Needs Nintendo

For good or ill, Nintendo’s presence in the video game industry is vital for its survival. For all the mistakes the company has made throughout the years, they still represent a much needed core of how the industry progresses.

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RAFFwaff1563d ago

And kfc needs home deliveries.....

Metallox1563d ago

I thought they do that, or at least in my location.

jairusmonillas1563d ago

Gaming needs Nintendo as a 3rd party.

mikel10151563d ago

Gaming needs Sony and Microsoft as a 3rd party

BlackWolf1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

But I tough Nintendo only made kiddy rehashes... Why would you want that on your "true" consoles?... /s.

Come on, you're just being ridiculous here.

marloc_x1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

...cause the other two have not much else.

Alinea1563d ago

people complain about their games being kiddy and rehashes, oh but they want them to go third party to play it on their platform, makes sense.

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awdevoftw1563d ago

if I had a choice for my children to game on any system, I would choose Nintendo. they simply offer more family friendly games than the other systems. that said, daddy games on the real systems.

Gameseeker_Frampt1563d ago

Shuhei Yoshida said this much, much better last year. The author of this editorial should learn that being a fanboy living in a bubble does not make for good writing, especially if you are trying to persuade people to your point of view.

Gaming does not NEED Nintendo to survive, but it is BETTER because Nintendo is around (same for Sony and Microsoft).

Tetsujin1563d ago

In my early years it was Nintendo/Sega, High School it shifted to PlayStation. I'd say at least PlayStation and Nintendo should stay in the gaming industry for their respective reasons; other companies (excluding MS) either dropped out entirely or went 3rd party, which isn't good for competition or innovation.

I will say though, if Sega ever decided to come back I would give them a chance, the Saturn/Dreamcast had certain games I would kill to play again.

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