Kingdom Hearts III Will Have “A Lot of Stuff We Have Never Ever Done Before;” More Info Shared

Kingdom Hearts III Tai Yasue Shares more information on the new elements that will be included in the game,

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pedrami911658d ago

Oh boy here we go again.

let's talk about a game we're not releasing until several friggin' years later.

smashman981658d ago

Well pedrami I hear murmurs that this game will be out as soon as mid to late 2015

vishmarx1658d ago

be glad at least they keep talking

MegaRay1658d ago

And when they stop talking about it, you people will still complain about it smh

hkgamer1658d ago

kh fans have been crying for some kh 3 news.

se announces kh3.

gamers get pissed that they announced a game 3-4 years before releasing it.

ok i know that ffxv and last guardian took a piss with delays, but i really dont see the problem with releasing news and teasers on a game that will be out in a few years. i dont know, maybe i am ot a teenager anymore and dont feel that 3 years is an eternity.

3-4-51658d ago

I want to play Remix 1.5 & 2.5 before I play this as I've never played one of these before, but I'd rather not have to get a PS3 to do so.

Hopefully they make their way to PS4 somehow. I want to play them in order.

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PaleMoonDeath1658d ago

More on FF15 instead please.

ScubaSteve11658d ago

It'd already vapor ware lol

hkgamer1658d ago

it is a little annoying that they are talking about other games and not ffxv. that should be their main priority.

g4n1658d ago

Will it be with Final Fantasy characters this time?
The 3ds version was such fail including "the world ends with noob" instead.

Blackleg-sanji1658d ago

Whoa whoa I know we need more final fantasy influence but dont be talking down the world ends with you.

Harkins17211658d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3D was awesome. Please know what your talking about next time.

elninels1658d ago

I hope they dont have many ffxiii characters. Maybe we'll get ffxv characters. And lets hope cloud, leon, yuffie, aerith, all get their time on screen too