Is Nintendo finally on the rebound?

Wii U Daily: "We take a look at Iwata's track record as president of Nintendo to determine whether Nintendo is moving in the right direction."

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F4sterTh4nFTL1566d ago

It seems they are always on the rebound from something, they never give up after being written off time and time again. Nintendo are survivors and they will always be a major presence in the gaming industry due to the strong IPs they own.

mikeslemonade1566d ago

They just took a big dip on the last sales update.

LackTrue4K1566d ago

if Nintendo ever did a rebound, it would be like pudgy on a dirty floor.

keep in mind, this dirty floor is full of rusty nails....

Moonman1566d ago

They sure have had my gaming money these past few weeks. Go Ninty! :)

Godmars2901566d ago

Ask again in six months.

BABYLEG1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

The WiiU and Xbox one. In my honest opinion, they're the only true next Gen consoles. I use to laugh at the WiiU until a friend got one and explained how it was everything that Xbox is missing. I get the perfect fix with them. Halo and Nintendo first parties. Everything else is icing on the cake.

Witcher 3 as well. Take my fuckin money
Sunset OD
Madden 15. (protesting this years madden so I'm not buying it even though I need a football game)
Dead Rising
Phantom Dust (weary of this one, but color me impressed)

There's so many games I haven't listed that deserves to be there..

who's got more to add?

Forza Horizon 2
Mario kart
Smash bros
Xbox live

wonderfulmonkeyman1566d ago

They'll be fine as long as the focus more on getting good exclusives.

Gimped multiplats won't raise the Wii U's sales or reputation; only well-built exclusives from all corners of the third party industry and indie industry, big and small games, can do that.

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