How To Fix PSN Sub Accounts To Master Accounts

PSN Sub Accounts holders have achieved hundreds of trophies, social notoriety and even made friends on their sub accounts. With most of these early PSN adopters now well into adulthood since PlayStation's Network launched back in 2006. Switching over to a Master Account and losing all those hard earned trophies and friends just isn't a viable option as Sony would suggest when you turn 18.

As thousands of gamers continue to petition for a way to convert Sub Accounts to Master Accounts, has come up with a few ideas to fixing this problem and would like to know your ideas to resolving the Sub to Master Account issue.

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Frankskint1569d ago

I really like the idea of an automatic transition timer from sub Account To Master Account.

I don't think this is an easy process for Sony, but it can be done.

BiggCMan1568d ago

See I never had this issue with any account, not just PSN. Cuz I always made myself over 18, back when I WASN'T 18. Never ran into problems this way, i'm actually surprised people don't do the same :O

Testfire1568d ago

It's an issue for my son. I made his sub account when he was 8, he's 14 now. He has the same screen name and has lots of trophies, friends and memories associated with it. What's to happen when he turns 18? It's not right if Sony doesn't offer an option to transition to a master account. Frankly, this should not be an issue and should have been thought of/resolved long ago. Dropped ball on Sony's part.

patelsanjeed1569d ago

Yes this is a major issue and so spot on. Its frustrating for gamers unable to transition from sub to master. I just don't see why this is so difficult? Especially now with the PS4, I think this feature is needed now more than ever.

henrythomas2841569d ago

Instead of complaining about it, why don't you come up with an idea to fixing the problem as the article suggests instead of complaining about it? You can even join the PSN petition page on Facebook or vote on PlayStation for a change.

I refuse to change my Sub Account, its as valuable as gold. I have been asking for this feature since I turned 18, I am now 23 and still no difference.

I think, some sort of verification from the Master Account to Sub Account should do the trick. Heck I could even write a code that can do this.

patelsanjeed1569d ago

I am not complaining Just don't understand why this process isn't easy for Sony to add in an update. If Facebook can verify accounts why can't Sony? do the same? My suggestions would be allow all Sub Accounts created before a certain year say before 2007 to transition to Master Accounts with maybe a few restrictions like credit card restrictions until that user confirms their age.

fenome1568d ago

Playstation.Blog.Share is back in action. It's an official Sony Playstation site where they ask the community for ideas to improve the Playstation experience.

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