Sword Art Online Oculus Rift Gameplay Demo

Junkie Monkeys: Fans of Sword Art Online should start getting excited because the video game is currently being demoed with Oculus Rift!

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Treezy5041569d ago

It was only a matter of time, now I just have to make sure Dr. Akihiko Kayaba was not involved...

Zero-One1569d ago

Yes, the crappy .hack ripoff gets even more crappier.

PirosThe4th1569d ago

I agree, instead of making a new .hack game with occulus rift now we get crappy Sword Art Online ripoff.

Qrphe1569d ago

This, .hack is what it should have been

WillGuitarGuy1569d ago

Looks interesting. I can just imagine being immersed in the field as long as I could feel a small breeze every now and then.

Blackleg-sanji1569d ago

Yes yes yes its happening o I swear I hope morpheus gets this too or I might just stick with the oculus

muttsurini1569d ago

i should find a pair to play this.

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The story is too old to be commented.