The Splatoon Team Consisted Of First Person Shooter Fans Who Enjoy Call Of Duty And Battlefield

The Splatoon team recently took part in a huge interview with online gaming publication Kotaku. One of the things to note is that this is a younger team compared to other teams that work on Nintendo franchises. Tsubasa Sakaguchi and Hisashi admitted that they and the team play first person shooters and games on other company’s hardware. They said that they do this as part of their job and also because they love video games in general.

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randomass1711568d ago

That tells me that Splatoon could potentially have more depth than the E3 reveal suggested. Unlockable weapon loadouts and something akin to prestige. Of course they could just "like" stuff and not actually apply it to their games, like how Hideo Kojima claims he is a fan of Twilight but write infinitely better stories into the MGS series.

Metallox1567d ago

That's funny news for me. Kojima fan of Twilight? LOL

randomass1711567d ago

Yeah man! He was a judge in some sort of Twilight fanart contest or something of the like and he claimed it was because he was a fan of the books. Good thing it doesn't translate at all to his games!

Reeze1568d ago

I am SO excited for this game. Imagine how amazing it would be with a level creator where you can make your own bases, a capture the flag mode with jail instead of death, and a domination mode where you have one life and you try to kill the entire enemy team.

I'd also like some neat arenas like forests, mountains/deserts, or interesting inside locations like a museum.

Regardless, you wouldn't believe how much I can't wait for Splatoon. I would give almost anything to have it finished now and in my hands!

Geekman1568d ago

Expect campers and snipermen, then. (An Ink Sniper would be epic.)

AWBrawler1568d ago

There is an ink sniper. Watch the trailer again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1568d ago

then those campers will make their own team lose in "Territory Mode"

Darkfist1568d ago

so does that mean COD is awesome now?

SpiralTear1568d ago

Splatoon is awesome. COD is not.

DanielGearSolid1567d ago

The paint the map mode is a no for me...

Hopefully they have more game modes

Metallox1567d ago

Already confirmed. More maps, more weapons, customization and more modes (including a single player mode and local multiplayer)

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