Is SkyVu’s ‘Let It Goat’ mobile game the next Flappy Bird?

In just a day, this silly mobile game has moved into the top ten free apps in the entire U.S. app store.

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ColManischewitz1569d ago

I love that this was made by high school interns.

Golden_Mud1569d ago

if this game becomes the next Flappy Bird , those interns will no more care about school they have the cash xD

Sadie21001569d ago

Why spend that cash on college? :)

UmActually1567d ago

The game actually was not made by those interns. Jack and Jack were used to endorse the game by saying they actually made the game. I watched it happen. Other coders at the company made it first for a game called "Don't step the" or something, then "Chubby Bear," then renamed to "Bear Naked". You can search Google for "Bear Naked Android" and find the store page. The game is the exact same. After that, Jack and Jack were hired for their twitter followers and user-base. If only you knew the tactics that went on at SkyVu Entertainment. This is just an attempt to make more money with a game the owner has no interest in.

Sorry, man.

deantak1569d ago

This game is really hard.

LightDiego1569d ago

Flappy Bird still is the goty.

tekksin1568d ago

not sure why people are so obsessed with playing simple games like this. There's a new app called Maria from undie development that's just like mario with a lot more depth than a random goat making its way through a random environment with random zombies trying to stop it. Why not support a developer that actually... idk... tries?