47.41% of Capcom board approved the renewal of takeover defense plan; Capcom to try again next year

Japanese news portal Business Journal has published a report that sheds a little more light on the Capcom board's rejection of Takeover Defense Plan at the company's general shareholders' meeting recently.

According to the report, 47.41% of the board were in favour of renewing the plan, down from 58.92% at the general meeting held on June 2012.

Business Journal considers this an anomaly, especially since 45.08% of Capcom's stock is currently held by foreign investors outside of Japan. This figure has increased by more than 10% since 2012.

So what caused the Capcom board to reject the renewal of takeover defense counter-measures?

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jukins1619d ago

man whats going on over there open themselves up for hostile takeover then decide they dont want it or they do ugh.

Chrono1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Before they were not allowed to even consider this as an option. Now they did, but it wasn't approved by the majority of board. So nobody will takeover Capcom for at least another year.

sungin1619d ago

zombies with machine guns

talocaca1619d ago

Well...someone should be hostile and force them to make the games gamers actually want to buy.

Release Monster Hunter vita and have a million seller easily....then a scary resident evil 7, then a next gen Downloadable (as in not 60bucks) Mega man, next gen street fighter without ridiculous DLC.

MasterCornholio1619d ago

I could say the same thing about Squarenix and their focus on mobile games.

I love FF14 though.

Agent_hitman1619d ago

Y'know even if some gamers hates Capcom these days. Honestly speaking, I still love this company.. All they have to do is to listen to their fanbase and give them what they want like for example remakes or games that fan have been waiting for.. RE2 remake or Megaman or Rival School etc. etc. They can do that

Clogmaster1619d ago

They have good franchises under their belt.

They just need a leader that is also a gamer.

XtraTrstrL1619d ago

What does it even matter if anyone takes them over? They aren't doing anything worthwhile anyways. If they had amazing IPs that they were still handling right, but somehow they still got themselves into this situation, then yeah, you don't wanna see a creative company like that taken over. Crapcom though, they've been dumbass dirtbags for so long now, and ruining every franchise - with the exception of 1 or 2 of their new ones and Street Fighter(though the $$ DLC fiasco is killing SF and their other fighting game spin-offs from the inside out).

What does it really matter if someone takes them over? At this point, they can't get much worse - people are already looking out for their scams and day 1 $DLC rip-offs. They outsource main IPs like Strider to random teams like Double Helix, who I think didn't do Killer Instinct justice. That's why this digital Strider title is so forgettable. Usually when I hear metroidvania, I get excited. This game's areas are so forgettable though, that metroidvania style gameplay doesn't do much for it. I'm just gonna finish it because it's Strider.

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