Crytek UK staff no longer going to work

The bulk of employees at Crytek's UK office are no longer going to work, according to people familiar with the situation - Kotaku

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windblowsagain1665d ago

Bye Crytek.

Too many bad decisions imo.

Ryse was one.

Nobody cares about crysis games. Just kill the game off for good.

Expanding while not doing well enough is poor judgement.

Hopefully the engine will survive.

-Foxtrot1665d ago

Their arrogance finally caught up with them

They had a good thing with Far Cry and Crysis but they had to go and spoil it.

PR_FROM_OHIO1665d ago

Yep they were more concerned running there mouths about other devs when they should've been worried about making good games rather then over hyped games!!

bouzebbal1665d ago

can't agree more on the arrogance part!

Eonjay1665d ago

Ryse can't be their last release. Oh God no.

mikeslemonade1665d ago

Crytek made bland games. If it wasn't a graphics spectacle then it was bland like Far Cry and Ryse.

It's like eating chicken without any skin or seasoning. Too bland..

brave27heart1665d ago

Its their own fault, simply because they're sitting on the timesplitters licence and refusing to make a game with it. Thats a licence to print money and they wasted it.

Serves them right. Shame for the staff though.

darren_poolies1665d ago

Homefront Revolution might be their last release.

guitarded771665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

You guys do know that Cyrtek UK was kinda recently purchased by Crytek and was formally Free Radical Design. They had a lot of serious failures before Crytek bought them including mismanaging millions from LucasArts for Star Wars Battlefront III. Just want to clarify what Crytek UK is. Personally, I had doubts about the acquisition to begin with.

SilentNegotiator1665d ago

They should have made the Crytek engine affordable from the start. That might have saved them.

abstractel1665d ago

I enjoyed Crysis 1 and 3. Ryse was technically beautiful but extremely repetitive. Homeland looks fantastic, I'm a bit afraid of what's going to happen to it now.

I definitely think they made some poor decisions but I also feel that after Far Cry / Crysis, PC gamers were unnecessarily harsh on them for going multiplatform which spilled into the media. Crysis 2 wasn't a bad game but they probably should of called it something different so it didn't have the open world expectations on it. Crysis 3 looked like a next-gen game when it came out on PCs and was lots of fun IMO with great weapons and I particularly really enjoyed the tech crossbow.

It's a shame that Ryse had such horrible game design considering the effort and beauty that went into that game. It was just so repetitive.

I hope they survive but I am sure another studio will rise (no pun intended) up from the talent that made up Crytek UK. Hopefully with better game designers.

UltraNova1665d ago

'Ryse can't be their last release. Oh God no.'

Hahaahah, it wasn't that bad dude common my friend had a blast...for 2 hours then went out and exchanged it for cod ghosts. Seriously I'm not bullshiting you. 4 months later he got a ps4...(no he didnt sell his Xb1- Quantum break!).

Its a shame Crytek is essentially disintegrating ...I 'm sure the vultures are watching and waiting until their close to their last heart beat to swoop in a offer to save them at their lowest acquisition price possible of course...

One question remains, based on their choices so far do they deserve their fate?

LonDonE1665d ago

crytek where spending more then they made, plain and simple!!!

on another note, I LOVED THE CRYSIS 1,2 and 3.
I dont understand why crysis 2 gets the hate that it does, it as a awesome fps single player game working around the limitations of 512mb consoles! the maps are designed with so much freedom and let you engage the enemy how you want, for a city based game the environments where very vertical and open! just like crysis 1 which was not a open world game this is a fallacy!

I would so buy a Crysis trilogy remake in native 1080p at a locked 60fps on my PS4/X1!! i would buy it in a heart beat! i think the crysis games were meant to be played at 60fps!

Vladplaya1665d ago

They had a good thing with FarCry 1, everything else after are just random games that use FarCry name. Not saying those are bad games, but making games that have nothing to do with each other while slapping FarCry name on the box to make money off it, was never a good idea either.

ChronoJoe1665d ago

Poor free radical, they deserve stable employment.

christian hour1664d ago

Crytek UK, they used to be Pandemic... Though I dunno how many of the original team were still there, if any. Such a shame to see that studio go through the same thing twice in less than a decade.

This is eerily reminiscent of how that news broke too "Pandemic Studios staff no longer going to work". Next day we get leaked footage of in house dev tests of SWBF and some concept art for a new Timesplitters.

Hopefully this frees up the Timesplitters IP to be purchased by a studio passionate enough to deliver the game we've all beign waiting for, instead of sitting on it like Crytek have been.

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AngelicIceDiamond1665d ago

While I agree on some cases your not speaking for everyone here though.

The PC crowd largely respects Crytek's work.

F4sterTh4nFTL1665d ago

Since Crysis 2 even the PC crowd lost respect for Crytek.

-Foxtrot1665d ago

I think the minute they turned their back on the PC community with Crysis 2 they lost most of that respect. From what I recall they didn't like them sucking up to Microsoft and focusing too much on the 360 or consoles in general

HeWhoWalks1665d ago

Thank you! To say: "nobody cares about Crysis" is silly. Plenty of people still do and if Crytek fully goes under, it will be a sad state of affairs for many in the PC community.

badz1491665d ago

Yeah, pc gamers be like "oh no, what games are going to max out my Titan GPU now?"

WitWolfy1665d ago

Respect doesn't necessarily pay the bills.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1665d ago

Ryse was not a bad decision, I agree the mechanics could have done with more fine tuning but they stepped out of the FPS box... a good thing!
Also, I LOVED Ryse, really wanted a squeal, doubt that'll ever happen now though.

zidane13411665d ago

Ryse was the shit. Screw any haters, they can go back to whatever ADHD game they came crawling from. Ryse had a great story, and great action. very varied settings too. People are so annoying.

TheWatercooler1665d ago

It was a bad decision to make it Xbox one exclusive. Microsoft destroy studios

1665d ago
abstractel1665d ago

It was so damn repetitive. If it was a 4 hour game it would have been fun, but the same exact weapons and combat techniques fighting the exact same shaped humans for 10 hours doesn't make a great game. God of War 1-3 did so well because they really mixed up the enemies and you really felt progression as you leveled up your weapons.

Automatic791665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

RYSE was a great game most people knocking it never played it and are going off of reviews from gaming websites. Personally, I thought a sequel was coming this was definitely a franchise MS could have build upon.

Note to MS please save crytek and bring the sequel to RYSE love that game.

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KnightRobby1665d ago

I know one of the employees there via Facebook. They left Crytek happily and took a pic of themselves with a lighter and a firetruck outside of the building. It appears the hate for Crytek has grown and is very real, especially among employees.

Such a shame. If only someone else could have taken the reigns of the company before this apparent fiasco.

zidane13411665d ago

blah blah blah. Ryse was fun as hell, you hater.

True_Samurai1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Ryse did not put Crytek in the situation they're in now. MS funded and paid them to make the game. It wouldn't have hurt them none since it was all paid for by Ms. All they had to do was make the game and collect their share from the sales. But leave it to a Sony fanboy to try & find a reason to blame MS

SuperBlur1665d ago

"Ryse 2 was cancelled because of a conflict between Crytek and Microsoft over who would own the rights to the franchise. In exchange for funding Ryse 2's development, Microsoft wanted to take over the Ryse intellectual property, something Crytek couldn't agree to, so both parties decided not to continue."

draw your own conclusion from this , i personally think they didn't want to get in bed with MS again because they lost too much revenue from going exclusive to xbox 1 .

With the money they got from the deal , they had to pay maintenance cost of the studio , which include paying the employees .. what do you need to keep your employees working ? Money? If you release a game and you can't keep paying your employees, what's missing from your studio? Profits?

I'd say , Ryse exclusive to Xbox 1 was their biggest mistake , waste of time and money.

trancefreak1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

The biggest issue with crytek is their inability to produce game bug fixes and game patches. The community begged them to fix game problems especially crysis 2 and they fell on a deaf ear.

There is more to it than that especially by removing the sdk which can kill a community of people whom try to produce all types of mods, art pieces, games etc which pretty much sealed the fate of the community.

cj1pate1011665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

You do realize crytek uk is filled with most of the people at free radical games? Some of those same people helped make golden eye 64 and perfect dark. SO please stfu about something you knw jack shit about..

GiantEnemyCrab1665d ago

What didn't you like about Ryse? Just curious because your name is windblowsagain, your blog is nothing but PlayStation.

Dead_Cell1665d ago

The bit where it goes in another console.

SaturdayNightBeaver1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

PC gamers cared about crisis , then crisis 2 came out. im glad they're going down , i really am. you can't go full peasant as game company and expect to last so long. Next stop, Ubisoft?? Please!

Ausbo1664d ago

wishing companies to go out of business is not cool. Because with that comes loss of jobs.

Eyeco1665d ago

I feel sorry for the Free Radical guys
*Timesplitters 4 development hell
* Haze= poor critical and commercial reception
* Free Radical going down under
*Being aqquired by a lousy company (Crytek)
* Lousy management, unpaid labour

And now this, the poor guys cant catch a break, majes me wonder if we'll ever see TS4 what a shame.

showtimefolks1665d ago

farcry 1 awesome
crysis 1 awesome
time splitter awesome

Ryse more tech demo than an actual game
crysis 2 okat at best
crysis 3 boring/dull/chore to play

I am not expecting anything special from Homefront 2 either

If i was running Crytek than it would be such a power house company, it seems to me when they make their engines that they get very little feedback from developers/developers needs. On the other Hand Epic does it totally different

I would make sure there will be a time splitter HD collection on ps4,xbox oen,wiiu,ps3 and xbox360(easily 3 plus million in sales)

I would go back to what made crysis 1 so much fun, than i would also like to see what was amazing about farcry 1. I would ask my developers to mix both and make one kick ass game.

when will these companies realize there is money to be made.

Capcom we want games like original resident evil with action that is geared more towards RE4

we want meagaman X/Meagman series

we want a street fighter that doesn't get 3 more version of same game within 12-18 months

we don't want on disk dlc that you have to pay for

square enix:

where is next dues ex?
FF7 remake easy money
FF15 put more peple into team, it has to come out fall 2015
KH3 has to come out by mid 2016
a complete KH HD collection for ps4(possibly xbox one)

Its not hard to make money if you just listen to your damn fanbase

elninels1664d ago

Come on man. Way to state the obvious. Do you think they are utterly unaware of what the consumer wants?

Execution is what matters in game develo moment, bussiness, and everything else ever really.

You're whole "plan" is so very vague.

Its like saying "if I were a general manager I would just sign the best players and have my coaches run the best plays"

showtimefolks1664d ago


no it doesn't apply yo sports theory.

SE own those IP's so nothing is stopping them for making those games. The sues ex team could have made 2 more dues ex games by now.

Ausbo1664d ago

i actually had a lot of fun with ryse. I don't understand all the hate. yeah it was repetitive, but so are a lot of other games.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Oh Dear, I am afraid this is the end of Crytek as we know it, I don't see them recovering from this. Far Cry 1, Crysis 1 and Crysis: Warhead were amazing, everything after that was just bad decision after another that has led to this.

mikel10151665d ago

Dang, I wonder what will happen to the Timesplitters IP?

-Foxtrot1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

If Sony are smart, they'll buy it when it goes up for sale when Crytek go bust.

Timesplitters - Sony

Crysis - PC/Xbox One

Team_Litt1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Lol. Sony buying anything. . .from someone going bust. Irony.

-Foxtrot1665d ago

It's just an IP, not a company.

imt5581665d ago

Todd Papy couldn't imagine what will happen at Crytek in near future! Well, maybe he will return to Santa Monica.

MrTimesplitters1664d ago

I rather see it go to Nintendo rather than Sony as free radical was composed of ex rare members and is a fitting place for Timesplitters. I also wouldn't want to see it as a exclusive to PS4 either. But in the end I just hope it doesn't die and I hope this doesn't effect the development of Time splitters Rewind.

masterfox1665d ago

damn that really sucks, I hate when somebody looses his job . I hope they go back to its roots Crytek are very talended. They just need to get on the right track.