Where are the Female Players in FIFA 15?

Gaming Illustrated: "At E3 2014, EA Sports worked to pump fans up about the newest installment of the FIFA franchise, perfectly timed alongside the kickoff of the FIFA World Cup. While the press hammered Ubisoft with questions about women’s roles in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Far Cry 4, FIFA 15 managed to sidle by unnoticed.
The Internet virtually exploded after Ubisoft Creative Director Alex Amancio told Polygon that Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s four-player co-op will not offer female character options due to production stresses.
'It’s double the animations, it’s double the voices, all that stuff and double the visual assets,' Amanico said."

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mediate-this1567d ago

Yeah because people play sports games for the female players, oy sport that is alright with chicks playing, that i dont lose boredom is tennins. Sports not as intense with chicks.

Go make me a sandwich

user14394141567d ago

Why do people have to bring sex and race into video games? As a black woman who loves gaming I am extremely offended by your comment.

Mr Pumblechook1567d ago

It's simply a case of supply and demand.

In the UK they recently showed the women's FA Cup Final football match on the BBC. I watched a little bit of it and was surprised to see just how empty the stadium was. There were plenty of supporters closer the pitch and boards but all the upper stalls were empty. Viewing figures showed that it was barely watched. Absolutely there should be women's football matches, however it has a niche interest. Men's football is the UK and Europe's, and Africa's and much of South America's national sport.

Adding player likenesses in a football game takes time and cost money. It's not the same as a developer adding a couple female characters into a fighting game or racing game. If women's football ever becomes widely popular then of course EA will add women's teams. Look at the sport of cricket. Highly popular in the India, Pakistan the West Indies, Asia and to some degree the UK. But there is not enough demand to make an annual game for it. Whilst some people obviously would like to play women's football there simply isn't a large enough market for it.

Hydrolex1567d ago

EA Sports: Sandwich 2015

Metallox1567d ago

That's not the problem. I say EA Sports doesn't want to include female rosters because it's a waste of resources, the men section is by thousands of miles more popular than women's one.

ramiuk11567d ago

who wants to constantly play with bronze players

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George Sears1567d ago

It will not sell. Simple as that.

AgentSmithPS41567d ago

They might get more people to buy the game if they added some women in swimsuits playing, it worked for that 'volleyball' game and even for the Olympic women that won gold medals.

"Sports not as intense with chicks." They could change that in the game and I'm sure many would rather look at attractive women playing instead of a bunch of guys. It's still soccer, only with less balls.

mediate-this1567d ago

Well being a athlete, scholarship for football, invitation to play provincial and nationsl rugby, i would like to just have that one thing where i can compete with equal or better athletes, if im playing a sports game, its no different, since i dont play the sports anymore and opted for a different career, i want it to life like almost. Atleast the sports games.

Putting chicks in and buffing them to be able to play like men, isnt the right message either. Women want to do everything men do, but they just half ass it.

Cept for sandwich making

stavrami-mk21567d ago

My wife can't even make a sandwich!!!! You got a shotgun I can borrow I think she needs to go the way of old yellow

Mutant-Spud1567d ago

Why is this a thing?
By all means, do it but nerf the female character's skills, make them 50% slower and 50% weaker, make it as realistic as possible then see how many people actually use the feature.

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