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The video game equivalent of a pretty decent birthday present wrapped in six-year-old newspaper and duct tape, Sniper Elite III finds a way to feel both exciting and dated at the same time.

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ValKilmer1572d ago

Ouch. I feel like you have to be devoted to the series to really "get" it.

BX811572d ago

Apparently there aren't that many devoted, either. I play on the xb1 and there has never been more than 4 players in a game. 4 has only happened twice. It's been 1vs.1 or 2vs.1 pretty damn lame.

HRoach6161572d ago

I wouldn't say that's true. I never played any of the other ones and I am very much enjoying this game. Haven't played MP. No interest for me. But I rented it and liked it enough to buy it. I find it very entertaining. Big surprise for me as I wasn't expecting much.

Bathyj1572d ago

Well I guess I'm the only person whose getting sniper elite because,I like sniper elite.

I don't understand this mindset going into a game wishing it were something else. I'm getting it cos I liked the other ones. If people want call of duty, get call of duty, and be glad there's other games that offer something different.

BX811572d ago

Single player is pretty solid. Some minor game mechanics get in the way but overall solid. If I recall correctly you game on the ps4? I can't speak for that version but the gametrailers review had problems getting online. The Xb1 version has considerable screen tearing and a barren mp count. Single player is where it's at I guess. Can't complain for $49.99.

MikeLowrey1572d ago

I love the Multiplayer and co op... Though not a fan of the overwatch missions. It's a great game despite some bugs,and it's good to have while I wait for The Last Of Us.

HumanatPlay1572d ago

Better to wait for The Last of Us. That's money well spent if you aren't a sniper elite fan. Only 25 days to go 😁

Takwin1572d ago

I got this game free with my 290x (along with Tomb Raider and Thief). It has been pretty cool and I never played the first two Sniper Elites. It's not worth $50, but it is worth a Steam Sale down the road for $15 or less. I won't ever play multiplayer and I do not play COD/BF, but the single player is good (not) clean fun. NUT SHOTS!

Grave1572d ago

Good game, but the AI is terrible.