inFAMOUS Developer Wants to “Redefine Expectations About What Games can Be” With Mission Design

While Sucker Punch will release inFAMOUS: First Light in August, little is known about their next full game, but they’ve been working on strengthening their development team since the release of inFAMOUS; Second Son.

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-Foxtrot1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Good offence but the missions in Second Son were a little samey

Most of the time I felt like in the main missions I was just collecting core relays over and over learning the same old moves he should already know.

Not to mention the side the time you get onto your 10th graffiti tag it starts to become a little tedious.

corvusmd1620d ago

Exactly, so maybe next game they can make a game that redefines missions by making an open world game that isn't the first one I can beat at 100% (without evil side) in 10-12 hours.

-Foxtrot1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I know people might get a little...upset but apart from it's visuals/graphics it was a total downgrade from inFAMOUS 2 and lacked that spark the past two games had

It felt unfinished...and not in it being buggy but like it was cut short.

The main story missions are basically finding core relays, Fetch and Eugene were only added as a plot device to give us more powers and the concrete power at the end isn't even finished. You get the idea, I've done a blog on this so I've said what I had to in there.

Good game for what it is but very disappointing. I'd rather they took their time and brought inFAMOUS 3 with Cole out in the future.

In an open world game you shouldn't be trying to impress me with graphics/'s about the content that open world has. Skyrim on consoles wasn't the best looking game, neither was Fallout 3 or Just Cause 2 but it's the gameplay and the content in those open worlds that kept me coming back.

I really think working on making Second Son look like the best looking game downgraded everything else.

Next inFAMOUS game...back to basics.

New character (Or Coles return if Delsin becomes the bad guy), one/two power focus, lots of variety and a story with a big plot twist.

NewMonday1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

ISS had great combat and graphics but the low points were mission design and enemy types.

from this job listing Sucker Punch know what the problems are

Volkama1620d ago

Well sure foxtrot, it didn't have as many sparks but this fellow had loads of other powers. And a silly hat.

Oh you were talking about creativity?

VGViewpoint1620d ago

Can I get a link to your blog discussing it? I ahd the same issues. Would love to read your opinion.

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GuyManDude1620d ago

I think that's why they're experimenting with the DLC. If the new gameplay "fails" it won't be as bad as if they had made an entire game around those ideas. Personally I'd like to see more experimentation in DLC (which would make its way into future sequels if successful). I understand not wanting to take too many risks with high budget games, but a lower budget DLC seems like the perfect place to tinker.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

New IP hopefully , loved InFamous Second Son though. Can't wait to dive back in it in August with First Light.

WeAreLegion1620d ago

I absolutely love the inFamous series, but I want to see something new from Sucker Punch.

pyramidshead1620d ago

They may expand into two teams and share the wealth of tech and ideas between one another like most Sony studios.

Would love to see a new IP from them. But I could imagine with SS selling well they definitely aren't finished with it. They could also grow and add more interesting powers with 'SS 2'

heliotropic1620d ago

That's interesting coming from a developer whose latest game didn't contain a single interesting mission...

nunley331620d ago

I love Infamous and look forward to their next game.

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