Sony Defends Against Claims That PS4 Lacks Exclusives This Holiday

"A lot of games have been delayed to 2015. The Order 1886, The Witcher 3, Hellraid, Dying Light and a ton of other games have missed their 2014 deadlines and the all important holiday season. "

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NextLevel1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

The PS4 has games and it doesn't need huge titles to outsell the "competition". Look what happened with Titanfall, the PS4 still outsold it. I doubt the Halo Collection will do it for the Xbox One either. PS4 has nothing to worry about the Xbox One is around 2.8 million units sold in NA and probably a little over 4 million worldwide.

Nov. 2013 - 909,000
Dec. 2013 - 908,000
Jan. 2014 - 141,000
Feb. 2014 - 258,000
Mar. 2014 - 311,000
Apr. 2014 - 115,000
May 2014 - 77,000

The PS4 has the luxury of not having to force out and overhype their games. Early 2015 is stellar on PS4. Multiplatform games (all better on PS4) is enough of a reason for 2014.

60FramesPerSecond1572d ago

Yeah, kinda does. People wont say "oh look! the ps4 doesnt have any games this year, but xb1 does! well ps4 is for me!" people buy game consoles for games, and e3 2014 showed that xb1 has excluisves this year.

Thatguy-3101572d ago

Which are?
Horizon for Xbox, Drive club for Ps4
Sunset Overdrive for Xbox, LBP 3 for PS4
Halo Remastered for Xbox, TLoU for PS4
The majority of the titles coming this year are third party so get over yourself in making it seem that Xbox has more exclusives

bicfitness1572d ago


Add LBP, Singstar, Planetside 2, GG: Xerd (spelling?), Natural Doctrine, and Kingdom Under Fire to the list, and you start to realize how desperately Xbox fanboys are grasping at straws. PS4 has more exclusives, more releases overall, and the best-performing versions of multiplat games to boot (on console, not PC).

Next month's NPD will bring a whole new level of delusion and goal-post moving to the debate.

bouzebbal1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

PS4 HAS a big line up of games this holiday season. on top of the exclusives, all 3rd party will perform better on PS4, and just that is a luxury exclusive feature people are rushing to get.

The Last of Us
Planetside 2
Guilty Gear Xrd

it's okay! i've seen worse holiday lineup! moron fanboys are hating for no reason and even hating on a console they don't even own.

Halo? déjà vu!
Sunset Overdrive? we don't know how that's gonna turn out to be just yet but definitely not a 90+ metacritic score.
Forza? again?????

NewMonday1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

PS4 exclusives:

Samurai Warriors 4
Natural Doctrine
Guilty Gear Xrd Sign
Last of Us Remastered
Planetside 2
Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition
The Witness
Kingdom Under Fire



PS4 was 200k in may

Vegamyster1572d ago


The Last of Us Remastered & Drive club are the only PS4 exclusives on that list, the others are either on the PC or on the PS3 & Vita.

poor_cus_of_games1572d ago

Back under your bridge troll.

mikeslemonade1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

But it was okay when the 360 has a couple exclusives every year while being the better and cheaper multiplat player /s

For the last time the PS4 is the best value to play current gen games because it's a cheaper and stronger system. Because PS4 is the multiplat player you still get to play Destiny, Rainbow Six, COD, Madden, NBA 2k etc. And then knowing these games perform better on the PS4 than the X1.

Exclusives haven't really matter since generation 6. Multiplats decide the war.

KwietStorm1572d ago

The thing people on this site tend to forget, is that the vast majority of people who play video games, don't play the same "my exclusives are better than your exclusives" game that clutter the gaming sites. They just buy the platform they want and the games they want. It doesn't matter to them what game is what. Most of them don't even know some games are also on other systems. You see it all the time if you actually leave the house and walk into a game store. People can bicker all they want on here about these things. The vocal Internet crowd is a very small minority in the whole.

TheFanboySlayer1572d ago

Ps4 has more games coming out this fall...3 Big Budget and A bunch of indies...High Quality Indies like Planetside 2 and Loadout and others (those are Free to Play BTW)

Xbox has less games but some I am really excited about like Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive....

All in all it's up in the air.

Rimeskeem1572d ago

Xbox and playstation have the same amount of games coming out

Rimeskeem1572d ago


I don't want to tell you how many of the Xbox one games are on PC or 360.

geddesmond1572d ago

Lol last gen xbots called multiplatform games on Xbox exclusive because they ran better on the Xbox 360. Everyone remember that? I wonder if that carries over now that PS4 has the better multiplats lol.

Anyway I don't see more exclusives on the Xbox 1 this fall but I couldn't care less. Aside from Driveclub and TLOU Remastered, the only games I've been looking forward to are Metro 1 and 2 remastered, Dragon Age and COD. This year has been very weak on games for both consols.

Now next year is going to be brilliant for Sony exclusives and multiplats. Xbots can have this year because its the only year they'll have.

stuna11572d ago

I think people have a screwed up misconception of what an exclusive is! Just because something is on PC IMO shouldn't automatically disqualify it from being an exclusive. It's still is considered a console exclusive.

Also as a second point, it's more than understandable for 7 month old consoles to be sparse in software! An realistic timetable for a steady flow a software should be 9 months to 16 month for developers to get acclimated to new hardware development.

Vegamyster1572d ago


I'm sure there is a fair amount and i don't deny that, i didn't mentioned the Xone nor was i trying to downplay Sony's upcoming games in favor of it because if i could only own 1 gaming system it would be the PS4 atm.

-Alpha1572d ago

Planetside 2, LBP3, and Forza Horizon are not exclusives.

kratoz12091572d ago

Guilty gear xrd and natural docturne are coming aswell

IVIEDICATED1572d ago Show

@ Thefanboyslayer

News flash buddy Planetside is NOT an indie game. Nice try though you failed.

kenshiro1001572d ago

The XB1 doesn't have most have exclusives. Get your head out of the sand.

LamerTamer1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Well it may be time to change your name to 30FramesPerSecond because that is what most of those xbone games will be other than the halo remakes. Since they are remakes they don't count anyway right? That is what most xbots say.

UltraNova1572d ago

I dont know about you but TLoU:R, Second son dlc, Driveclub, LB3, Assassins Creed Unity , The evil within and maybe just maybe COD Advanced warfare is quite a collection to go through in less than 6 months. And that was just my PS4's 'must play' list... (not to mention my ps3's back catalog as well).

Some people are never satisfied...or they just need to justify their buy by diminishing the offerings of the other choice they didn't and wished they made? hmmmm

abstractel1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I don't get it.

PS4 Exclusives first half of 2014


Xbox One Exclusives first half of 2014


PS4 Exclusives second half of 2014

Last of Us Remaster
Little Big Planet 3

"Mini" exclusives:

(Deep Down Beta maybe)
The Witness
Infamous First Light

Xbox One Exclusives second half of 2014

Halo Remaster
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive

"Mini" exclusives:

Ori and The Blind Forest (I think?)

PS4 Exclusives very early 2015

The Order

Xbox One Exclusives very early 2015



So how is 2014 better for Xbox One?

Kayant1572d ago


Right because all Xb1 games are full console exclusives /s

Horizon 2 - X360/XB1.
Ori and the Blind forest - PC/X360/XB1.
Project Spark is on PC/X360/XB1.
Fantasia: Music Evolved - XB1/X360.

FamilyGuy1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

This whole argument makes no sense.
People keep claiming that the PS4 "has no games/exclusives coming out in 2014."
Then all you see is people posting long list of games and exclusives coming to PS4 this year.

Who the hell is starting this made up crap?

Whether they be full PS4 exclusives, console exclusives, timed exclusives, free-to-play, indie, multiplatforms with exclusive content or just plain old multiplatform titles the PS4 has a large line up of games all coming out this year.


LittleBigPlanet 3
The Last of Us Remastered
Guilty Gear Xrd
Planetside 2
DeepDown (possibly)
Infamous: First Light (stand alone DLC)

Then there's
Samurai Warriors 4
Natural Doctrine
The Witness
Kingdom Under Fire

And THEN we have all the huge 3rd party multiplatform titles:

Cod Advanced Warfare
Battlefield Hardlines
GTA 5 (possibly 2014)

This argument needs to be put to rest already, it just makes no sense.

Septic1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Sorry did I just walk into an Xbox One article or PS4 one?

Either way, the insecurity is palpable. Try as desperately as you want to downplay The Master Chief Collection, one of the most generous packages in, what a decade? Not gonna bother with the other nonsense.

The simple fact is, the PS4 hasn't got those blockbuster games this year. End of. What's so hard to admit about that. Just put your hands up and admit that greatness has been delayed into 2015. No matter how much you twist and turn (and show INCREDIBLE HYPOCRISY) mentioning that and resorting to 3rd party titles (something the 360 contingent were ridiculed for last gen), it doesn't change anything.

Watch how, in a few years, if the tables are turned, the Sony fanboys end up touting exclusives (once again) as a sticking point to X1 owners (and then X1 fanboys will then no doubt resort to third party games as justification).


"The PS4 has the luxury of not having to force out and overhype their games"

That's true. It has its own legion of fanboys to do that for it.

Digimortal1572d ago

While the PS4 has a nice list of exclusive stuff. The main question of course remains. How many of those games are going to be huge sellers? Its one thing to have a lot of games on your system that are just for your system but sales for those games that most of you brought up are not going to be big sellers. SW4 is a prime example. Thats what worries me.

thejigisup1572d ago

@Mikeslemonade I agree that multiplays are a huge player in the console war This generation I still go to Sony for their exclusives over ms

Lifendz1572d ago

Since when am I only able to play exclusives on my PS4? Exclusives and the # available are fanboy bull bleep. I'm looking forward to playing exclusives and 3rd party games this year.

Boody-Bandit1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


"The majority of the titles coming this year are third party so get over yourself"

Exactly. It's funny how the goal post are continually moved with the media and certain fragments of the fan base in gaming. The past few years leading up to the release of these new generation console exclusives didn't matter much since multiplats made up the majority of the market.

Now this generation it's all about counting are arguing over who has the exclusives. Seriously stop moving the goal post and being hypocrites. Both Sony and MS have more than their share of exclusives but this time around Sony has the edge with multiplat games with most looking and performing better.

For years blades of grass and a 20p difference in resolution was argued to crown a game the significant champion. Now disparities between 720, 900p to 1080p no longer matter. Neither does a couple video tears, hiccups, a frame drop or 3. Yet ALL of that mattered significantly before this generation.

Sorry but I have both and have played a number of multiplats on both. I know of which I speak especially when I have run all of the games I played side by side on my triple panels LEDs with the exact same settings for both console minus color and contrast adjustments.

My most anticipated exclusive this year (that have yet to be released) are FH2, SSO, Drive Club, LBP3 and TLOU remastered. Other than those games I will be getting a ton of multiplats most of them will be on the PS4 and if I thoroughly enjoy some of them, I will also pick them up on the X1 down the road.

When I really like a game I play it on every format. I can't tell you how many multiplat titles I played and completed (most of them 100%) on the PS3, 360, PC and now the PS4 and X1. I'm weird like that.

Deadlead1571d ago

I don't understand where all this "PS4 has no games talk is coming from." From what I see the lineups are pretty even
Halo:MCC=TLoU:Re (I prefer TLoU it was my game of the generation, but if you're a halo fan it's an unbelievable offer.)
Sunset Overdrive>LBP3 (while LBP was one of the highest rated series of the previous gen the upcoming title isn't being developed by MM, and Sunset Overdrive is the reason I currently want an Xbone.)
Forza=Driveclub (I'm incredibly excited to see the multiplayer innovations the power of the PS4 allows for as well as seeing that power used fully and not on a cross gen game, but the free roaming style of Horizon is very exciting as well, despite the franchise milking over recent years.)
Honestly the only reason I'm not picking up an Xbone this year is due to all the multiplats coming out. And as many have said PS4 now the best place for multiplats.
Dragon Age
Middle Earth: SoM
Far Cry 4
Assassins Creed
Alien Isolation
Battlefield HL
Madden(sorry I can't stop myself)

NewMonday1571d ago

Septic finally showing his true colors

Giul_Xainx1571d ago

The reason why they pushed back the games is due to the economic data they studied at the beginning of Quarter 1. People just don't have as much money to spend on gaming right now. Better to release games when peolle start making purchases again.

Better to sell at the best moment rather than releasing when no one has money. You'll see.

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Buff10441572d ago

909,000 to 77,000 and Sony has nothing to worry about?

GribbleGrunger1572d ago

You're comparing the largest launch numbers in history with a drop in sales of every single console ever released at this time of the year.

WeAreLegion1572d ago

@Buff1044 - Your comment has met with a terrible fate.

imt5581572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Those NPD numbers are for Xbone, dude.


Quote :
July and August isn't holiday season but okay.

For some people they are.


Yes, you're right! I forgot about Super Guacamelee and Olli Olli for PS4 in July

GribbleGrunger1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@imt558: I didn't notice that ... you are right. Regardless though, he IS comparing the launch numbers with numbers that have historically always been very low this time of year. They're just lower than the PS4 ...

Buff10441572d ago

Ah ok. It wasn't apparent to me these were the Xbox One numbers. Still, it's not just about PS4 vs Xbox One, but growing the PS brand as a whole, and new/exciting games would do that. But for now, sure, Sony is coasting.

geddesmond1572d ago

See what most people with money that can afford to buy consols like to do in the summer is go outside and socialise or go on holidays. Sales always drop around this time of year. Why do you think during July and August only 1 or 2 games get released.

stuna11572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

So I take it you believe it should be able to sell 909,000 consoles a month indefinitely!? I'm sure they all could do that!

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AngelicIceDiamond1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

@Next Wow this article isn't about Xbox? Why did you even bring it up?

What prompted you to bring it up?

Sony still has TLOU rema, LB... oh that's right according to you that's not exclusive because its on PS3. You made the rules

Sony fans should get you for that.

Read the article Sony has TLOU remasterd, LBP3 (Despite what you say)

Destiny White PS4 bundle exclusive DLC, Infamous First Light. Loads of indies, F2P Plus the Multiplats which always performs better in sales across the two systems.

Wow you use Xbox as a automatic bashing shield when its not even needed lol, you really need to chill.

bigbic1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I love how people jumble all games that don't have an initial cost into the F2P category. As if they are somehow below AAA automatically for some strange reason, even though they can be massive and high budget. Salty.

And to the claim that there is no reason to bring the X1 up, that is very much false. This argument of PS4 has no games or bad lineups is clearly a weapon used by X1 fans to justify their purchase, it has been used for two gens now. And it has always been ridiculous.

ALLWRONG1572d ago

"Next Wow this article isn't about Xbox? Why did you even bring it up?"


Septic1572d ago

Its called insecurity Angelic. Look at the deperation above trying to downplay the importance of The Master Chief Collection, even though its one of the most generous and complete packages in a decade. But yes, a remaster to TLOU, a game that came out last year is okay.

Forza Horizon 2- some people are moaning about another one?? Its only the SECOND in the Horizon series which is vastly different to the core series.

Sunset Overdrive...yup apparently people have already played the game. Wow.

GodGinrai1572d ago


"And to the claim that there is no reason to bring the X1 up, that is very much false."

Well...there is no reason to bring it up....especially as no X1 fans brought it up. So why do PS fanboys need to speak on xbox? That just stinks of insecurity. Next level was the first to comment..he could have just said he is happy with this years PS4 line up...but he just cant keep the words xbox out his mouth. Do you know what kind of PS fan talks more about the console they dont own than the one they do? Go figure....

bigbic1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )


You claim people are insecure trying to downplay the "importance" of a game you want. Then you proceed to downplay TLoU... Funny.

You say Halo collection is a generous package, but I would think a newer game with all the DLC is very generous deal also. Tons of older game packages come out all the time, at a much cheaper price than $60.

TLoU was game of the gen, it doesn't matter when it came out, it was a last gen system.

It's funny you say all PS fans talk about is the X1. All I see on half these comment sections are X1 fans talking about PS4's lineup. Hence one of the reasons this article was made in the first place. I would think by your logic X1 fans are horribly insecure.

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JBSleek1572d ago

It's funny because this is an article about games and purely games and the first post you see is someone rambling off PS4 sales numbers. I didn't know you play NPD.

Now I'm not saying PS4 doesn't have games this holiday but this is too funny. Your argument for what you think is a lack of games this holiday season is that it doesn't need it because it sells anyway.


jnemesh1572d ago

Troll harder next time, the NPD numbers posted were XBOX numbers.

Septic1572d ago

"It's funny because this is an article about games and purely games and the first post you see is someone rambling off PS4 sales numbers"

Yeah but the lot on here lap that stuff up. Just look at it lol...pathetic.


"Troll harder next time, the NPD numbers posted
were XBOX numbers.

Shouldn't you be saying that to NextLevel??!

TheBoy1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Why do you care so much about sales? If you want to celebrate and brag about numbers instead of talking about games you're going to play in the future, that's pretty pathetic.

SoapShoes1572d ago

Those are X1 numbers right? PS4 did 195k in May.

corvusmd1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Hey look, Maria 2.0 spitting out pointless "facts" again that he/she has ready to copy/paste at a moment's notice. So based on what you are saying it that without having a ton of exclusive titles, but still selling, the PS4 is like the Wii was last gen? That it gets all the casual gamers that don't care about games? I don't think that is true. I do think that once MS starts selling in more countries, more of their "must have" exclusives come out, and now that there is a lower price point, I think you will see the sales starting to even out. In every month you listed, PS4 was $100 cheaper and in more than 5xs the countries (yes I know that the 13 X1 is in is their heavy hitters).

I just think your logic is a bit off, and you're relying on numbers that were never a fair comparison, and mean even less now. By your logic, there should be a Justin Bieber PS4 because they were both #1 in sales around the world with no hits that gamers care about. Please stop making excuses for not having quality games. Either get on board with all systems so lulls like this won't bother you, or just stop trying to move the goalpost whenever things don't favor you. You're not fooling anyone, if it was the complete opposite situation you know you'd still be screaming doom to X1.

More so on topic, I really think Sony would have been better off not saying anything in this case, they almost made it worse here. Not only did they not really list any important exclusives for PS4 (except a remake and DLC addition)...but then he listed 3rd party cross platform games as why you should get a PS4. They are starting to rely on Destiny WAY too much...and honestly, with it being a primarily online game...playing on X1 would be much better IMO. Esp since the DLC isn't anything crazy and it's timed, and everything else is the exact same. It would have been better not to say anything.

Now please stop copy and pasting your lists of games that no one will play. When people say "less games" it's a shortcut for saying "less games people care about". The point is, that if you ask an average or above average gamer what games they are looking forward to....more of those games are on X1 than on PS4...THAT is why this topic keeps coming up. If you have to look up, then copy and paste what is coming out to "prove" that it doesn't have less've lost. Off the top of their heads, people care more about the X1 exclusives than PS4 exclusives right now, and there are FAR too many games I'm really excited about this holiday season to go digging through lists of indies to find one I like. Right now the next game I personally know that I have to get on PS4 doesn't come out until Feb, so IMO X1 definitely has this holiday season locked up tight (and Hyrule Warriors)

snookiegamer1572d ago

After reading your entire comment, I realized I wasted a few minutes of my life. Time that I will never get back.

You never have anything positive to say about PS, and I noted justice has fallen upon you with your 1 bubble.

MysticStrummer1572d ago

Hey look, corvusmd with a wall of defense mode text.

PS4 has plenty of games this holiday, and the gap will continue to grow larger.

Master-H1572d ago

Nice wall of text there my dude, hey can i use this for a homework of mine? thanks, hope i don't get an F for fail with it like you did on here lulz

mkis0071572d ago

As I was reading this the gap grew even larger.

zerog1572d ago

Just stop bringing up all those extra countries and the "yes i know they're already in the 13 heavy hitters" bs. Of course the other countries sell consoles, otherwise they wouldn't bother but to think the difference matters at all to the global number is rediculous. All 50 of the extra countries combined might equal the sales of the lowest selling of the top 13. Over half of all the x1s sold so far has been in north america alone. They'll be lucky to get a steady 1000-3000 per month boost after the first week.

kenshiro1001572d ago

I think I lost some brain cells reading this pile of drivel.

DigitalRaptor1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

For the love of God, stop pretending to be a balanced, multi console gamer corvus. You're a proven fanboy fraud.

We all know you don't have a PS4. You were born to downplay Sony consoles. No one who actually owns a PS4 would try and downplay it and crap on it like you do.

PS4 has just as many games coming the rest of 2014 as Xbone, if not more through the diversity of indie games.

And you have nothing to boost your console for the first half of 2015 because you have nothing but a timed exclusive indie game to brag about until mid 2015.

But I guess you'll pull some other piece of bulls*** out of your hat going into next year? Right?

tee_bag2421572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I thought what you said was spot on. Honestly these are the first set of consoles I haven't bought at launch since NES. Neither have a very compelling exclusives. The games library is limited with only promises of future titles too far into the future to care about unless you're a 13 year old fanboy. Neither are power houses compared with most PC's like last gen too. Lamest 2 consoles ever. Lets hope that changes and both consoles get some "MUST HAVE EXCLUSIVES".. not the overhyped rubbish we've been seeing.

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Multiplatguy1572d ago

So just because it's selling more than it's competitors, it doesn't need big titles?

I feel sorry for you if higher sales for your preferred platform is more important than games.


Actually YES that's been the case thus far. The fact that the PS4 is the De facto machine to play the best multiplat games also has a lot to do with it. That's the thing xbots REFUSE to see. The PS4 worldwide is at almost 2 to 1 in sales and they're doing all this WITH OUT huge games thus far. KZ Shadow fall,Infamous SS, MLB The Show being the only big games thus far. So it stands to reason when the big games come it will obliterate the xbox one from existence. The X1 hasn't seen it's darkest days yet but they're coming believe that.

No_Limit1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )


So again, you went off-topic an once again drag xbox into your flamebait post and resort to sales figure to cover up the topic at hand..which is about the PS4 lineup this holiday.

I thought you were confident in the PS4 lineup just a week ago,why now all the sudden your tone changes to "The PS4 has the luxury of not having to force out and overhype their games"

When you said this previously,

"The PS4 has 2 GOTY winning franchises releasing this year. The Last Of Us and LBP3. Not to mention that PS4 games on average have been rated higher for 2014.

I'm not sure where all this killer line up for the Xbox One talk is coming from. It's good, not great like PS4's line up. 2015 could be a different story. "


ghostface91572d ago

Throws out competitions numbers to hide the fact that his console has crap for games coming out the rest of this year. Funny how in the article he names a remaster that the game came out just a year ago a whole bunch of multiplats then one exclusive next gen title at the end which is going to be garbage thats why they are giving almost the whole game for free when it comes out. Sony ponies are so sad

DigitalRaptor1572d ago

Anyone insecure and immature enough to use the term "Sony pony" can only be an Xbox fanboy.

1) I thought PS+ games weren't "free"...

2) If you think less than 1/3 of a game is "almost the whole game", then THAT is pretty sad. It's a massive shame that Xbox fanboys use such outdated/invalid crapdata so consistently.

Kiwi661572d ago

Are you upset that you lost all those bubbles and why do you continue to mention xbox in a sony article

OT:There are still good games coming out this year so what if some have been delayed it just means there will be good games to play to begin the new year

nunley331572d ago

The PS4 has a nice lead and they'll have a lot of good games coming this fall also. Sony isn't gonna just sit on the lead, they just keep doing what they've been doing to get it in the first place,listening to it's customers and pushing those most anted FW updates out

lfc_4eva1572d ago

Wouldn't you rather be playing games than practicing your mathematics skills?