Kojima Productions discusses 5 groundbreaking aspects of Metal Gear Solid 1

Kojima Station Episode 13 featured a section dedicated to the PlayStation 1 classic Metal Gear Solid 1. The staff discussed several of the game's most important characters, as well as providing a list of five groundbreaking aspects of the game.

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ArchangelMike1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

I still remember just how much the ointro to MGS completely blew me away. At the time I had not seen anything like it. The whole game for me back then was like playing a James Bond movie.

And then there was Psychomantis. I remember absolutely freaking out my friends mom. She though I was demon possessed or something, she litereally ran out of teh room... ahh good times.

I ended up replaying MGS like 6-7 times. It's probably my most played game.

Nyxus1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Classic scene when the title comes up while Snake is riding the elevator.

THamm1569d ago

I loved how you were a legend from the very beginning of the game, lured into Shadow Moses, as the story progressed you saw how Snake was like a man possessed, boss fight after boss fight. Still my all time #1. Had only most f the younger people played this when it first came out, truly epic and quality unheard of at the time 1998 was the best. Funny thing a lot of that stuff in article actually existed in Metal Gear for NES like the back of the case thing.