October Is Going To Be An Insane Month For Video Games

Civilization: Beyond Earth will come out on October 24, publisher 2K Games announced today. And if your immediate reaction to that news is to wonder why everything is coming out in October, you're not alone.

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ArchangelMike1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

Yup, In October my wallet is going to cry :(

But yeah, I'll be loving it :)

My go to games in October...

Destiny (I know. But I'll still be playing it in October!!!)
Far Cry 4
Shadow of Mordor
Alien Isolation

My "If I can still afford it, and my wife hasn't left me yet..." list

Dragon Age Inquisition
Assassins Creed Unity
Drive Club

Edit: Yeah I really hope GTAV:Remastered doesn't come out in October, 'cos that will just ruin me!!!

AngelicIceDiamond1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

IGN, GT Gamespot etc will be super busy this Fall/holiday I feel bad for those guys lol.

@Mike Nice list.

I'm looking at

Ac Unity
Sunset Overdrive

That's all I can get for that month.

bouzebbal1565d ago

DriveClub and maybe Evil Within for me.

SG1_dapunisherX1565d ago

I see stealth dislike from fanboy lol seriously sunset over drive will be a fun game

styferion1565d ago

damn I completely forgot about evolve, oh man I'm gonna have to squeeze another $60 to my already tight budget.


Man that's alot of games, i had a lol at October 7 with 6 games releasing in it!

I can't wait for October!

Prime1571565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Insane for the games?

Try insane on my wallet ;-)

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DeadlyOreo1565d ago

Good list. For me it goes:

Borderlands: PS
The Evil Within

What is with October 7th & 21st?! That's just messed up.

robtion1565d ago

It's really stupid. Barely any games to play for most of this year then there will be too many games in October. Sales for many of the games will be hurtby the surplus of titles releasing then the companies will complain when they don't sell enough.

Shadow of Mordor
Dragon Age inc
Maybe the Evil Within

Everything else will have to wait, only so many hours in a day.

theDivision1565d ago


I agree I think destiny was very smart releasing a month earlier than all of those it should really help their sales. The only thing to keep me entertained until September will be TLOU so both those games should see good sales. You all are right though I think it will hurt other games due to people having to choose what to get.

ArchangelMike1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )


I really don't understand why publishers choose to publish their games practically at the same time, and on the same day even!!!

What's so special about October? Why not August and September? I will never understand :s

robtion1564d ago


TLOU is amazing. I may buy it again depending on how significant the upgrade is on ps4.


Not to mention the other 9 months of the year. Some very poor thinking going on with these companies. If history is any indication they will never learn.

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Kurisu1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

You can afford DriveClub, just get the PS+ version for free! :) then you can buy the full version later :D

starchild1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Far Cry 4 actually comes out in November if I'm not mistaken. But, yeah, October is a crazy month.

I can't wait for:
Alien Isolation (PC)
Dragon Age Inquisition (PC)
Assassin's Creed Unity (PC)
Shadow of Mordor (PC)
Destiny (PS4)

beerzombie1565d ago

of all the games you would buy for ps4 you chose Destiny/.

souga_houjou_jin1565d ago

beerzombie well he is right
destiny gets exclusive sony ONLY content

ArchangelMike1565d ago


Yep, you are right Far Cry 4 comes out in November. That's abit of a relief for my October spending then :)

TekoIie1565d ago

I'll be getting

Bayonetta 2
Civ: Beyond Earth
Alien: Isolation

3-4-51565d ago

Smash Brothers & Fantasy Life on 3DS in the same month is awesome.

Tons of potential good games on that list.

Magicite1565d ago

Fall is always like this.

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EliteGameKnight1565d ago

I really am rather excited for Smash Bros, I'm going to buy both versions on their individual release days :)

Doge1565d ago

Definitely getting Smash Bros, Sunset Overdrive, Shadow of Mordor and Evolve.

BattleN1565d ago

Shadows of Mordor looks cool! Sadly I'm not going nexgen just yet! I need to see something awesome. Gears of War 4 to be exact!

beerzombie1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Cole Train!!!!
"Uh, puttin' it *scientifically?* We need to blow his brains out his *ass!* "