Those Generic “Simulator” Games Are On Early Access Now

Segmentnext writes: "Publisher Excalibur has announced the Early Access version of European Ship Simulator, due in August of 2014. This is the company [known] from titles like Euro Truck Simulator, Underground Mining Simulator, Garden Simulator, Ski Region Simulator and Chemical Spillage Simulation."

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urwifeminder1570d ago

Sweet I collect these weird simulators did not get extremes due to bad feedback but enjoy some ship sim plus Euro truck sim delivers on so many levels, day one for me lol.

aliengmr1569d ago

The author could have left out the douchy tone. Not all Early Access games are trying to steal your money by magically getting you to actually buy an early access game...somehow.

Just another one of those "articles" whining about early access for hits. Yawn.