Top 5 gaming worlds

From Rapture to Azeroth, videogames have introduced us to some fantastic worlds over the years. Continue Play's Nic Bunce takes his pick of his favorite videogame settings.

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ktype21569d ago

Got to admit that I was hooked to 5/5 of the worlds you mentioned. :D

3-4-51567d ago

IS Sky Rim really that cool? I bought it for STEAM sale and played about 2 hours of it and it seems kind of bland to me.

I really want to get into it but something isn't appealing to me yet or making me "have to play" it yet.

Does it get awesome at some point early on that I need to push through to or what ?

ContinuePlay1567d ago

It's the world itself that is appealing. Setting off in any direction and finding a nice vista, or a hidden little secret in the middle of nowhere. It's just such a vast landscape, and one fairly different from many other open world games on the market.

breakpad1568d ago

Monster Hunter World is by far the best ..and above all the mentioned childish worlds

Ultr1568d ago (Edited 1568d ago )

Monster Hunter is great but I would take the "childish" ones over it everyday

Btw wich of them is childish to you?