Why Nintendo Isn't Dead Yet

Awhile back, Nintendo reported their loss of $457 million over their last fiscal year. The Wii U is Nintendo’s biggest problem as it has only sold 6.17 million units over its lifespan. (At the time of these reports) The 3DS has sold 43.33 million during the product’s lifetime, but fell short of Nintendo’s expectations. The 3DS is selling extremely well, Nintendo’s expectations, or should I say hopes, were to just a little bit too high. While $457 million is a lot of money, the old dog isn’t dead yet.

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60FramesPerSecond1570d ago

They are a big company, they will keep releasing games for decades. They will have a fanbase that will buy their products no matter what. They cannot fail.

randomass1711570d ago

Nintendo ain't invincible and their losses this gen show it, but the concept of them failing and going third party or even filing bankruptcy seems extremely unlikely.

kreate1570d ago

I dont think their fanbase is buying the wii-u though.

However i do agree nintendo can pump games out for decades.

Nintendo is one of those companies that will never die.

gamerfan09091570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

The core Nintnedo fanbase is already on the wiiu, problem is that core fanbase is 6.1 million people. Nintendo has nothing to offer in the console market that makes johnny the 15 year old high-school kid want to buy their console. That's the problem with their console business. Their handheld business is thriving for three reasons. They have a shit ton of games that are specifically for the 3DS, that library is insane. It's kid friendly and marketed towards kids. And it has titled that bring the casuals to the platform without killing the hardcore fanbase.

kreate1570d ago

How do u know Nintendo core fanbase is 6.1 million?

Benjaminkno1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

I could see "WiiU", but "Nintendo"? Hahaha... They said the same thing with Wii... and 3ds... and GameCube... and N64...

I have a Ps4 and I've played many, many games that haven't really excited me. So far 'Second Son' is the best thing I've played, but it's not much different than its predecessors. WiiU has so much more content.

They'll turn a profit by the end of the year, but the Ninten-dooom will never stop.

Geekman1570d ago

It's a ludicrous idea to think a failed console is going to kill a company. If that were the case Nintendo would've died after the Virtual Boy, Phillips would've died after the CD-i, Parasonic would've died after the 3D0, etc. It surprises me so many people believe the opposite.

Travesty1570d ago

No matter how far Nintendo seems to be out of the picture, they will always have a special place in my heart of years of nintendo games that release.. It makes me feel like a kid again.. with Mario Kart, SSBs, Zelda and Mario...

gamerfan09091570d ago

Nintendo was never dead dude. 3DS is one of the biggest selling electronics out there. Their console business is slowly drying up, but that's one part of the puzzxle. Their software sells extremely well and their handheld is selling like hot cakes. I've said this for years. Nintendo should make their software third party for consoles and keep their handhelds exclusive. They would be making BILLIONS off of just that.

deafdani1570d ago

No, thanks. It would make more sense for Sony or even Microsoft to go third party than Nintendo (and even then, I'm not saying they should, not by any means).

But, of course, you don't see people saying that because in their minds, Sony and Microsoft make powerful hardware... and they fail very hard in seeing the irony of that line of thinking.


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The story is too old to be commented.