PS4 Exclusive "Bloodborne" Graces Edge August Cover, "Creator of Dark Souls Unleashed on PS4"

Bloodborne leads the 40-page E3 preview special in the new issue of Edge magazine. It’s out now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio.

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Destrania1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Omg omg omg omg! Awesome! Hope they have lots of great new info. I am eagerly awaiting anything about Bloodborne that gets released. It's probably my most anticipated game right now. Can't wait.

guitarded771663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Nice... can't wait. That is, I can't wait for the info to leak on the net before the publication is released :D

Rob_Ko1663d ago

Bloodborne > Titanfall+ Sunset Overdrive combined
awesome exclusive

marlinfan101663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

So a game that weve seen basically nothing about is automatically better than a good game thats already released and a game that looks awesome that weve actually seen a lot of gameplay of? Sounds legit

Bloodborne looks awesome from what weve seen but its too early to say its better than both of those games. a statement like that makes you sound like a fanboy imo

at the people disagreeing:

what would you say if someone came on here and said "quantum break > infamous+ drive club + kz" or whatever. i guarantee they'd have a ton of dislikes and people responding saying the same thing i said. its ridiculous to say a unreleased game that we've hardly seen anything about is better than a game thats already released (a really good game at that)

DVAcme1663d ago

Titanfall is a generic shooter with a mecha gimmick strapped to it. Sunset Overdrive looks awesome, but Insomniac, as much as I like them, have never done a game with the scope, atmosphere and hardcore sensibility that the Souls series has.

Kivespussi1663d ago

Opinions, opinions...

I personally think titanfall was horrible so it's not going to be tough to beat that. Titanfall was one of the worst AAA titles this gen so far to be honest. Right there with ghosts and watch dogs and BF4

marlinfan101663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

titanfall is far from a generic shooter. what shooters today can you move around the map like you can on titanfall? the only people who think its a generic shooter are the ones that play it like a generic shooter. its meant to be played running from wall to wall, shooting, jumping in and out of titans. things that none of the generic shooters actually do (besides the shooting of course)

sunset overdrive does look awesome, its too early to say if it actually is gonna be awesome though, same with bloodborne. i think the original comment is a complete joke since 2 of the 3 games he mentioned aren't even out yet and one isn't set to release for another 8 months

and you say the mechs are gimmicks, how do you figure? a gimmick in a game is something like using your controller as a spray paint can in infamous or the voice commands in a lot of these games for xbox. its stuff that didnt really need to be there but it is anyways. the titans play a huge role in the game so I'm really not getting how you think they're just a gimmick. saying stuff like that makes me think you either didnt understand how to play the game or you didnt play it at all

LazyGoron1663d ago


The spray can in Infamous SS is far from gimmicky. I am not saying it’s the most outstanding feature in a current gen game, but if anything, it’s intuitive and creative.

The spray-painting adds or subtracts NOTHING from the gameplay. It is merely a creative use of a feature on the DS4. It’s silly and simple and is part of what… a 30 minute total mini-game in an open-world game? Now I don’t want to play a spray painting game on my PS4 but if you want to throw in a unique use of the controller, go ahead.

Gimmicky things are things that gimmicky “as a part of the game”. It’s like me telling you that a game that uses the rumble features on the triggers of the X1 controller is gimmicky. How so? It’s a feature of a product, not a part of a gameplay driven or story driven software.

I would argue that the “titans” are a gimmick. It’s a singular, super-powered killstreak that requires little to earn and every person gets one all the time. What a great, fun, repetitive idea that is literally THE CORNERSTONE OF THE GAME (cough “titan”fall cough). The game should be called: “run fast a long time and earn the same huge Megazord over and over” – that’s a gimmick because it’s built into the DNA of the game itself.

marlinfan101663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

the spray paint thing may be creative but its still a gimmick. you said yourself it doesn't add or subtract anything from the game, its basically there for show, which is exactly what a gimmick is lol. the titans play a vital role in the game, how on earth would that make it a gimmick? if it wasn't for them and wall running it'd just be another COD. they're exactly what makes it different from other games. thats like saying the powers in infamous are a gimmick, everyone gets them right? thats your argument for the titans. do you even know what the definition of a gimmick is? "a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business." thats exactly what the spray paint can is there for, to attract attention. it adds nothing to the game, its just a extra feature thats in there. same with voice commands for a lot of these xbox games. a lot of them don't add anything extra to games (some do but some don't) but they're still there.

i guess by your definition guns in a fps are just gimmicks right since everyone gets them? i guess every vital thing in a game is just a gimmick according to you.

heres another definition of a gimmick

a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something "stand out" from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use.

guitarded771663d ago

I think his statement is pure flame, but we HAVE seen enough from FROM SOFTWARE with Demon's, Dark and Dark 2 to know that Bloodborne looks to take the greatness of those games and go further. I'll say I'm personally way more excited about it than Titanfall and Sunset combined... bet yeah, Rob_Ko's statement was pretty lame.

marlinfan101663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Yeah I agree the game looks awesome and im sure It will be. The whole point to my original comment was, like you said, about how ridiculous robs comment was. Bloodbornes easily in my top 3 most anticipated games but its still to early to say which is better since theyre not even released and theres really not even much info about it yet

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JBSleek1663d ago

What a way to validate your own purchase lol.

Also how can you say that when two of those games haven't even come out yet?

Rob_Ko1663d ago

This is my opinion, based on my personal preferences.
What's so hard to understand?

JBSleek1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

How can someone have a personal opinion on events that haven't even come yet???

I'm all for opinions but you have opinions on two games that you haven't even played.

LazyGoron1663d ago

Are you saying you have zero opinions on all things you are ignorant of? Please... I know for a fact that I would never play some of the games coming out that have been revealed. Am I not allowed to dislike these games until I've played them?

I think you're being naive to think "not knowing or playing something" = you don't have a right to have an opinion on those things.

JBSleek1663d ago

"Are you saying you have zero opinions on all things you are ignorant of"

Yes I don't speak on things I don't know. If you never play something you have no opinion on something. That's like having an opinion on food you never tasted...

Also the strawman agreements that you are using above are crazy.

thricetold1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

@jb my mistake @lazy

Anyone can have an opinion on any subject, HOWEVER, your opinion is only as valid as the amount of knowledge you have on said subject.

In other words your opinions ain't worth squat if you have zero knowledge of what you are talking about. Its called a baseless opinion because it's full of preconceived bias assumptions.

This forum is full of them. I myself may be guilty from time to time but I knwo the difference and don't pretend otherwise.

S2Killinit1663d ago

so this will be the fist next gen exclusive game by the maker of Dark Souls. that can only be a good thing.

Porcelain_Chicken1663d ago

Agreed %100!

So who's face do i have to throw my hard earned money at to get a copy of this game!! :(

KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago

By the makers of Demons Souls.

Demons is better then Dark, loved both but hate how people say Dark rather then Demons.

thricetold1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Dude stop. You're only saying that because demons is exclusive and dark is multi. Most people saying this for the same reason. They have improved so many things since demons.

Anyways dark is more well known and liked by everyday gamers while demons is still regulated to the niche market, because as you say, it is different than the two darks. Makes more sense to use a game that MORE GAMERS would connect with and know of than a game that fanatics use to pound their chest with, even if its the same dev.

Its called marketing and devs aren't interested in fanboy wars, only reaching the max sells they can achieve. Its a great way to get xboners to jump ship since they know more about dark than demons.

nucky641663d ago

thrice, if what you say is true, then why did FROM/miyazaki choose to go exclusive with bloodborne on ps4??? if it's all about reaching "max sells" - why aren't they putting bloodborne on the bone?
I loved both dark souls games, but neither matched the atmosphere/tension of demon souls. I think the bosses were better in demon souls too.

KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago

You know next to nothing about the series do you?
Have you even played Demons souls?
How about this, go onto the Souls fansites and ask them which one they think is better, 90% who have played both will say Demons, I dont care that dark was Multiplatform, I still put 650 hours into it. Just like I put Hundreds into Demons Souls.

The simple fact of the matter is Demons was a better title, it was just better made.

And beyond that the creator of ALL three of these tiles is comparing BloodBorne to Demons Souls, not Dark souls.

thricetold1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )


I have and still play demons souls. Did I ever say it wasn't a great game? It also depends on which some have played first as well, should have stated that. Also depends on what types of games these fans were playing BEFORE demons souls.

None of these fans seems to even remember the kings games yet demons is credited for so much THAT series started. (Same devs by the way). Why not give credit where it's due if that's what this is about? Unless of course you have no idea about the history of the series?

You think you're the only one that's put hundreds of hours into the souls series? I can tell you anything you want to know (gameplaywise)about the series. Never cared for the lore, its boring, im here for the combat.

I still think ds2 is the better game, even though demons was my first. It's exclusive because sony paid for it. I'd think whatever they paid more than makes up for the loss sales a struggling system like xbone would have provided.

Who's to say a multi version doesn't get released like dark did? Do any of you know how a business is ran? You've shown what this is about because the title says dark instead of demons and THAT has gotten your panties bunched up. The basic combat for all 3 are almost identical, except for the improvements from game to game.

KingKelloggTheWH1663d ago


You have proven you don't know anything about the games.
One Sony helped develop Demons Souls, nit jut pay for exclusivity.
Two, the King series is Vastly different. Maybe you should actually look them up more then just a quick google search.
Three- You are the ONLY person I have talked to who preferred DS2 above the others. Amongst Soul fans it is seen as by far the worst.

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Master-H1663d ago

The game i'm looking forward to the most right now.

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