343 Industries to deliver "surprises" for Halo: The Master Chief Collection at RTX in Texas

343 Industries will be at the Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) in Austin, Texas this weekend delivering "all sorts of Halo goodness to fans, including an exclusive panel dedicated to Halo: The Master Chief Collection."

Aside from scheduled event activities and giving away swag at their booth, 343 Industries is apparently getting ready to make some surprises/announcements concerning Halo: The Master Chief Collection at this event.

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nicksetzer11620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I really hope it is not a PC release announcement, unless killing the xbox brand is what they are shooting for.

OpieWinston1620d ago

That would be a major surprise since Xbox = Halo.

JBSleek1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Not quite sure how a PC release would be bad. It's not like people who have an Xbox One will simply get a gaming PC to play this game.

For example I have a PC and an Xbox One. I'll still pick this up on Xbox One simply because that's where my friends play. But because this is such a great deal I would pick up the PC version as well.

Septic1620d ago

" It's not like people who have an Xbox One will simply get a gaming PC to play this game."

Oh trust me, people on here will magically have a gaming PC (see Titanfall fiasco).

And it would be bad for the X1. It would just reduce the value of it tremendously simply because TMCC is such a big title, it drastically increases the appeal for the Xbox One for those fans of the Halo franchise who are on the fence about which console to buy.

I personally know a few people who have decided to move to the X1 as a result.

nicksetzer11620d ago

Dumbest comment I have seen in a while. Like the guy above you said xbox = halo. It would be like Sony releasing TLOU or the uncharted series on both PS4 and PC, It makes owning a PS4 less necessary. Not to mention you can infee if thwy are willing to bring their largest franchise to PC, more PS exclusives will follow. (In MS's case they have already been known to port exclusives to PC.

Most people
1. Already will be buying/already own a PC anyway, putting an extra 400-500$ into what they were going to spend anywaywould get them more power than a console.
2. Consider Halo to be a reason to buy an Xbox console.
3. Do not buy consoles that don't have exclusive games. (That would basically be a less capable PC)

However, don't worry, if it happens you won't have to take my word for it, you will see the xbox brand die.

marlinfan101620d ago

they've already said they're not focusing on pc so i doubt this is gonna be it

badz1491620d ago

Nice job from 343. When your own Halo is not as good, get redemption using the "better" Halos before you.

marlinfan101620d ago


you are aware the halo they made is included in the package right? lol and that they're also making a brand new halo game?

Grap1620d ago

You Hope?? WOW good job at leveling up you fanboyism to the next level.

Bodge1620d ago

Microsoft doesn't even make 30$ from each XB1 sold, so the notion that I'd kill the Xbox is fucking 100% BULLSHIT!

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hello121620d ago

Maybe a competitive tournament event. Some well known competitive Halo players have announced on Youtube they are coming out of retirement to play HALO 2 ON XB1.

Charybdis1620d ago

Think it probably will have something to do with an xbox one and mobile devices app related to story elements or maybe something related to creation of clans etc.

SixZeroFour1620d ago

halo 2 anni multiplayer playable at rtx

pickle12341620d ago

I hope they unveil some info on the Halo movie by Riddley Scott. I love Riddley Scott's films and I'm really curious to see his version of Halo.

Summons751620d ago

Maybe ODST and we can all forget the mess that was Reach.

ozCHRISoz1620d ago

I think Reach was far better than ODST

iNFAMOUZ11620d ago

oops i meant agree, reach sucked, halo 4 was miles ahead, this is coming from a halo vet since before the release of the first halo

Kennytaur1620d ago

I really enjoyed Reach, the story and characters weren't interesting but the setting and battles were. Definitely preferred it to ODST, but I want to see both games make it to Xbone.

ghostface91620d ago

reach has a 91 on metacritic so just stop

Summons751619d ago

Anyone disagreeing, did you forget that Bungie took no care in the story and had punched so many plot holes into the real story of Reach they had to RERELEASE the book Fall of Reach with fixes? That's the definition of bad writing right there, also the multiplayer didn't feel like Halo anymore.

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