Killzone: Shadow Fall Patch 1.30 Released, New Maps Teased

MP1st - Guerrilla Games have deployed a new Killzone: Shadowfall multiplayer update today, and with it comes support for brand-new multiplayer maps for next month.

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JoGam1571d ago

Wow can't wait. Since my Platinum in BF4 I've been playing KZSF and loving it.

SnakeCQC1570d ago

killzone games always feel sooo underrated to me

BiggCMan1570d ago

2 was actually rated VERY well, and rightfully so. 3 was definitely not so good though, a lot of fans I've talked to agree with this, though some like it.

Shadow Fall in my opinion is almost up there with 2. I just think that because shooters now kind of all do the same thing, that when a different kind comes along, a lot of people don't like it.

I will admit that Shadow Fall has a lack of content in its multiplayer, but actually playing it is very fun and unique.

With the recent co-op expansion last week, I've been on it every single day! Co-op is my favorite thing ever, and I've been waiting for this mode to hit since release. It was WELL worth it, just a shame that barely anyone plays it :(

Moe-Gunz1570d ago

The co-op mode is so good. I love it.

JDabney241570d ago

I think Killzone's multiplayer is severely underrated. I love it!

gijsbrecht1570d ago

I really like how Guerrilla is updating the MP regurarly with new maps. Aren't they also going to bring some retro maps? Anyway, KZF is my personal favorite fps at this moment.

Rob_Ko1570d ago

I love Killzone for their single player (played all of them) campaign. Never cared so much about multiplayer in any shooter tbh.

Jide1570d ago

Killzone 2 was the best. Every other Killzone after was average

BiggCMan1570d ago

I disagree. Only 3 was average to me. I believe Mercenaries and Shadow Fall are both REALLY awesome games, with Shadow Fall even being as good as 2.

Artista 1570d ago

The killzone series is inconsistent. A mixture of good and okay games. I think killzone 2 and mercenaries are probably the highlights of the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.