Xbox One sales pass 5m units as PS4 hits 9m, report claims

A new report has seemingly confirmed some updated sales data for both PS4 and Xbox One.

UPDATE: Microsoft has clarified that Harrison was referring to the previous 5m shipped figure and was not citing new numbers.

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NextLevel1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

The gap is bigger than you think. Like I said, Xbox One sales have slowed to a crawl after a impressive launch. The gap keeps growing, no matter how bad people don't want to think it is. Keep in mind this is after what has been view as 2 price cuts/adjustments.


Exactly, they haven't even crossed 5 million, something the PS4 did a long time ago. So much for momentum. Here is the quote.

"UPDATE:Microsoft has clarified that Harrison was referring to the previous 5m shipped figure and was not citing new numbers."

US8F1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Compared to the same time frame of a console release last gen, I believe both are doing really good. Good on them. Both fans should be happy that both big companies got humbled and released/adjusted machines that tailered to both fanbase.


Godmars2901621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Still, as MS had well over a year's lead worldwide, there was nothing but, "We're #1!" BS from a certain fan camp. Nevermind that the Wii soon outsold the 360 or that the gap with the PS3 began to shrink.

Also, while Sony got humbled by one off-hand remark, a bad covert move to manipulate devs and publishers, then an overt one which caused them to take a finical hot and loss, MS's mistakes were only obvious and in your face. Where Sony knew where they had messed up, MS still hasn't to a few degrees. That's why they're still fixing - and still causing - their problems.

nicksetzer11621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Phil harrison was still referring to the numbers from months ago most likely, not to mention it is sad you guys get so upity with yourselves about sales of a console you have no stake in. As long as the console manufacturer is happy with the sales (not to mention selling more quickly than last gens ps3 and xb360) that is all I care about.

I am glad PS4 is doing well, also hope the same goes for the other two. Unlike some in here who don't even like their console of choice they just hate everything else... I truly believe some of the people in here either don't even own the consoles they claim they do, or just bought them to brag online about it...

EDIT: hmmm, who would have guessed, he was referring to the numbers from months ago, not that that will stop some from patting themselves on the back in here.

amiga-man1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Xone sold to consumers or sold to retail? there is a difference

It's seems sold to retail, oh well

Eonjay1621d ago

UPDATE: "Microsoft has clarified that Harrison was referring to the previous 5m shipped figure and was not citing new numbers."

And then proceeded not to give new numbers.

Then again, there is an obvious reason why they don't give numbers. Every time they give a figure, Sony fires back with even more so, they are kinda between a rock and a hard place.

ABizzel11621d ago


Actually the XBO has been selling worse than the 360 as far as year one sales go from January - January. The XBO only wins if you include the inflated launch numbers, meaning from November - November, which the XBO sales benefit comes from the success of the 360, meanwhile the 360 had to launch off the misfortune of the original XB.

The PS4 outselling them is only one part of the problem. With their current sales they're actually on target to sell worse than the 360 did at around 60+ million consoles sold vs. 80+ million.

But the good news is we're only 7 months in, there are great games coming for the platform (bad new all platforms have great games coming), the WW launch for XBO still hasn't happened and should give it a minor increase (360 vs. PS3 JP + RoW sales were 10m vs. 21m, which is why people say the boost won't be a major increase for XBO), and there will be bundles and price drops to make that final total sales number jump with each year.

It's not over for the XBO, but MS is wise to try and fix things ASAP, because they were in trouble for a moment.


Based on my numbers the PS4 should be around 8.5m, and should surpass 9 million in sales by the end of July / beginning of August. The XBO, should be on it's way to passing 5 million around that time as well.

Rickgrimes951621d ago

There's no room for rational thinking here my friend. Fanboy bias only

AngelicIceDiamond1620d ago

@US8F I agree.

Congrats to Sony for some very impressive sales still goin strong. Hopefully X1 sales can get up there. The price cut and the exclusives this year should help it.

Grats to both especially Sony.

LonDonE1620d ago

I think your name captures the moment perfectly! LOLOLOL FATALITY!! FLAWLESS VICTORY! but on a serious note, the X1 is a great console it just needs time while the PS4 is a even greater console! even the WiiU is damn great, and trust me i know i own all 3 and game on all 3 and LOVE ALL 3 of the current gen consoles!

But i do think M$ need to do some thing and quick, the gap is getting bigger and bigger and once Sony start dropping the big first party exclusives the PS4 is going to break records i tell u!
Its a good console i just think M$ need the bite the bullet and make it substantially cheaper then the PS4 because most core gamers know that the X1 is a inferior console to the PS4 and so rightly should be cheaper! M$ should have left the kinnect in the bundle and made it cheaper they are not hurting financially like Sony is and so can take the hit so in the long run they will get it back!

Its still way to early into the generation to call it, people should not underestimate M$ they have DEEP POCKETS! i think the bad press they got over the launch of the X1 has effectively killed the brand for gamers! and casual gamers are not bothered by kinnect, just like with the wii to wii u casual gamers have moved onto tablets and smart phones.

Its one of the reasons why i will always have love for Sony they have always put the core gamers first!! its going to be a interesting generation.

mikeslemonade1620d ago

After the Titanfall bundle and the 399 sku the sales are pathetic for the X1.

UltraNova1620d ago

I wonder how many ps4s Sony has shipped to retailers...

When they announce the 9 mill mark they should take a jab at MS by giving a shipped number as well! I love when major companies take jabs at each other!

Remember the ads - Apple Vs MS 'why is pc/mac or windows/iOS better' ? Priceless!

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GTgamer1621d ago

"UPDATE:Microsoft has clarified that Harrison was referring to the previous 5m shipped figure and was not citing new numbers."

MS has not surpassed 5 Million yet

jjind1621d ago

And you know this how again??..

Nekroo911621d ago

Jiing because if it is 5 million shipped its impossible to be 5 million sold to consumers. because they are in stock eveywhere

zeuanimals1621d ago

No way they're not passed 5 million yet. They had the freaking Kinectless bundle drop last month. If that can't even move 1 million...

GTgamer1621d ago

Because I actually clicked and read the article you should try it:/.

KinjoTakemura1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

To be fair, Phil Harrison says that sales of the Xbox One are just over 5 million units;

"Asked about bridging the gap between the two console's sales figures (Sony report 9 million PS4s sold*, ^Harrison says Xbox One's figure is "north of five million^) he says: "Some analysts will suggest that we are less than 5% into this generation, so there is plenty of market opportunity ahead of us."

MysticStrummer1621d ago

@Kinjo - That's the same interview this article is referring to, and it's been updated to say that Harrison was referring to the same 5 million shipped number that came out before E3. It wouldn't surprise me to find out the number sold to consumers was still less than 5 million.

tuglu_pati1621d ago


I Also read the article... Where did you get "MS has not surpassed 5 Million yet"?

just wondering

GTgamer1620d ago

Well I'm pretty sure if they had Passed 5 million Harrison wouldn't of been referring to the ship in numbers don't ya think.

u got owned1620d ago


You are pretty sure.. Yeah that's all i needed to know

tuglu_pati1620d ago


Well your gut feeling doesn't mean what you are saying is true like you are making it to be.

GTgamer1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Okayyyyyyy well if you guys could tell me why Harrison didn't announce new figures but choose to talk about the same five million that was shipped months ago I'll say they surppased five million :/ until you give Me a valid reason I'll stick to my evaluation just know that if MS don't announce that they surpassed 5 million in the following weeks then they didn't :/ and I never said take what I wrote as fact but hey that's not my business http://thehypetvshow.files....

Clogmaster1620d ago

So much denial here.

Shipped is < or = Sold to Consumers

Therefore, If Shipped = 5 million,

Then, Sold to Consumers is < = 5 Million.

Seafort1620d ago

It's impossible for MS to have sold 5 million console to consumers.

They've only shipped 5 million to retailers so they can't sell more than they have shipped unless they are off the back of a lorry :)

Sales of consoles is kind of important for gamers as this determines how much support each console gets from publishers.

I mean look at the WiiU small sales and draconian policies and they get zero support from 3rd party publishers.

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ArchangelMike1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Who was it that said, "the first console to reach 10 million will dominate the generation..."?

Well I guess by the Christmas Holidays the PS4 would have reached 10million units sold. A very good achievement indeed. I wonder if there has been a console that has reached 10million sales within the first year? It might be a new world record o.0

SpinalRemains1381621d ago

Christmas? PS4 will hit 10 mil by September.

TheTwelve1621d ago

PS4 north of 12 million by January 2015

blackpanther251620d ago

Yup that destiny bundle is going to sell fast.

MeliMel1621d ago

Just like you to put up a stupid article about sales and talk gaps and such. Or just so you can shit on Xbox. And how about you let others comment ahead of you. I likend it to writing a status on FB and then liking it yourself. So theres a gap, what does it mean for me as a gamer? Should i be worried? Is it hurting us Xbox owners that it only sold 5 mil? Its the beginning of next gen dude, its a marathon not a sprint.

KwietStorm1620d ago

You sound a little upset. Offended even.

stuna11620d ago

What do you mean is it going to hurt Xbox1 owners!? Has slow sales hurt WII U owners?? Yes to both questions! Paying attention to last generation, the PS3 suffered to an extent also. Slow selling console fight an uphill battle when it comes to higher levels of support, just look at the Vita for confirmation.

Last generation the PS3 struggled for outside support, while the Xbox 360 was swimming in support even so much so that games that many felt would stay on PS platform made the jump over to Xbox platform. We are seeing that same support being extended to the PS fanbase this gen in what games are not even being considered to come to the Xbox1. That not to say they never will, but I think it's pretty obvious the PS4 is the safer choice in developers minds at the moment.

The Vita is floundering in support and the WII U is relying on mostly it 1st party support, but best believe if they saw a major increase in sales, the developers would also start circling like vultures at a all you can eat buffet.

corvusmd1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

This only goes to show the bias people have when looking at these numbers. They are having a loose interview, not strategically talking numbers. The "north of 5mil" number that he is referring to was from back in May, doesn't mean that X1 HAS NOT sold over 5 mil simply because it was a "sold in" number back in May. It doesn't say anywhere that they have not been sold through yet, and its true that recent sales are on the rise for X1.

On the flipside of that, why are we so willing to believe that Sony has sold-through 9mil now even though other than this article quoting another article...that has no factual basis for the the ONLY source saying that?

Please stop jumping at conclusions with the numbers, it keeps making people look foolish. Quite honestly, with the price gap for 7 months and the difference in countries where both are available(YES I KNOW that both consoles are already in all the heavy hitters except potentially China, but 13 to 72 still does SOMETHING)...I'm truly surprised that PS4 doesn't have a bigger lead. Last October I would have thought that PS4 would EASILY double X1 sales in the first year, then in the next holiday season it would start to even out a little more.

Sales look to SLOWLY be leveling out, and there are many things on the horizon that may make the competition even closer. Either way, getting too attached to numbers this early is just foolish. Just be happy that they are both making a profit.

@60 you didn't get disagrees for being happy about games, you either got disagrees because someone is still upset about something you said in the past, they saw your name and just down voted with their multiple accounts and/or they are upset that you said something that has a positive connotation when referring to X1 "I'm glad BOTH are selling well". There is a large group of people around here that don't want a debate, or reason or logic, they just want you to agree with them and if you don't they will do whatever possible to silence you.

Chevalier1620d ago


Because Sony confirmed 7 million sold as of April. They've been selling over 1 million units per month and 2 months have passed so 9 million is a reasonable guess. Sorry which country is Xbone outselling PS4? Last time I checked it was exactly ZERO. How do you still think that Xbone can catch up if they can't beat sales in any given country?

Your asking for facts?! So where is your factual proof proving that sales are levelling out? Right because your guessing. I'd love to see where your numbers are to back your 'statement' up.

Pon41621d ago Show
n4rc1620d ago

They just aren't publically stating new sales numbers.. Doesn't mean their aren't new numbers..

They announced 5m shipped how long ago? Those have all been sold and replaced with new units by now..

Spotie1620d ago

So NOW they're not publicly stating shipped numbers? What made that change?

Could it be that they're getting royally spanked?

MysticStrummer1620d ago

They were still trying to get rid of Day One editions as of E3...

RDF1620d ago

"The denial is strong in this one." (using Yodas voice)

DJustinUNCHAIND1620d ago

You take this stuff way too seriously.

Pogmathoin1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

So, NextLevel, update: your caught trolling :)

Somewhere, Maria is proud of you....

Godmars, never mind Wii obliterated PS3 too....

Somewhere, Maria is proud of you....

ScamperCamper1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Not that I'm a hero, but to me this was going to be Xbox One at 50% of the PS4. Too much bad stuff happening around frames and Kinect to make One the winner. I just don't think Halo 5 will be enough to really capture more than half of what Sony has.

Evilsnuggle1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

denial is not just a river in egypt . why do you fanboys think that microsoft stopped giving the xbone sale numbers. because PS4 is growing the gap that is why PS4 is crushing xbone in sales and it looks bad.

well said nextlevel

CuddlyREDRUM1620d ago

Does this affect you strongly as a gamer?

slasaru011620d ago

So what? Audi selling less than Toyota, as if they care about it...

MehmetAlperTR1620d ago

The problem is PS4 is Audi and Xbone is Toyota :P And now Audi is selling faster. So it means we ll see better games and more games.

WMANUW1620d ago

But then microsoft refers to distributed. So he said harrison as usual.

Azzanation1620d ago

Also XB1 isn't available world wide, expect the gap to be a lot closer when its available.

ritsuka6661620d ago

Shiped numbers for both consoles.

TAURUS-5551620d ago

this doesnt look good to the xbox1 camp. i believe theyre doomed.

RIP xbox1

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60FramesPerSecond1621d ago ShowReplies(3)
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F4sterTh4nFTL1621d ago

I wonder where did everyone go?

PS2 = 158 Million -> PS3 = 83 Million -> PS4 = 9 Million
Xbox 360 = 83 Million -> Xbox One = 5 Million
Wii = 101 Million -> WiiU = 6.5 Million

rarity1621d ago

You included the ps2 but excluded the gamecube and og Xbox and if you don't mind me asking what's your point?

SpinalRemains1381621d ago

He asked a question.

He wants to know why the overwhelming majority of previous console owners still have not upgraded to new Gen. Hence the "where did they all go?"

Reading is fundamental.

F4sterTh4nFTL1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

There is no point I am just asking a question that I don't have an answer to?

The difference between previous gen numbers and new gen numbers is huge and I just want to know where are the people who bought these consoles previously but have not moved on to the new gen yet, what are they waiting for. The price drops are not going to happen anytime soon, so why not just buy these consoles now.

The comparatively poor cross-gen game sales of previous gen versions also shows there are not that many active gamers on previous gen consoles either, so where is everyone?

Cupid_Viper_31621d ago

Well the question being asked is really silly.

PS2 = 158 Millions in 13-14 years. The PS3 is at 8-9 years, and the PS4 is not even 1 year old. So on what basis is he comparing the numbers?

EXVirtual1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

@Spinal and Fast.
Gee, I don't know. Maybe because it hasn't even been a year since they released? And that the numbers being compared are the sales the PS2 and PS3 by the end of their respective gens (6 years and 7 years) and the numbers of the PS4 after 8 months? Your questions are quite silly.

MysticStrummer1621d ago

The question is just a really dumb one. So dumb that I hope for FTL's sake it was dumb on purpose.

PS2 dominated XBox and Gamecube so that number is very high.

PS3, 360, and Wii all did very well so none of them did as well as PS2.

This generation has just started. Even WiiU hasn't been around long in comparison to previous generations.

@Spinal - It's a dumb question.

Alsybub1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Looking at Sony consoles alone.

PS2 = 158 Million over 12 years
PS3 = 83 Million over 8 years
PS4 = 9 Million over 7 months

Not a fair comparison. Most sales come as the product becomes cheaper and it is released in more countries. This can actually be long after the release in the West. I'm talking about countries like Russia ($828 net income per month VS $3460 in the UK) where there is a huge population but at the price, early in the life cycle, it is not affordable for everyone. Also, traditionally the new generation is a loss leader and the previous generation is the profit maker for some time after the new generation has begun.

It's the same with Windows operating systems. When Microsoft release a new version they are projecting profits for after the next version is released, it's at this stage that it becomes economically viable for large scale industry to upgrade. At that stage millions of licences are bought, in bulk, by these companies. So, when Windows 8 was released and people were starting to get their shiny new laptops it was at that stage the companies were beginning to transition to Windows 7 on a large scale.

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windblowsagain1620d ago

8million of them confirmed broken.

saint_seya1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

windblowsagain i think you are short in millons :p

Platinum_k1620d ago

...and the PS3 surpassed 360

uth111621d ago

It took years to reach those numbers. Some of them are people who bought replacement consoles no doubt.

With the Wii- the casual gamers who bought that seemed to have moved on to mobile gaming, facebook gaming, etc.

BitbyDeath1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

PS4 has been getting them, just look at all the people who only use playroom day in day out. Release of SingStar later this year will bring over even more.

uth111620d ago

sure some, but I think a big chunk of the 80 million or so extra people that the Wii brought in aren't planning on upgrading to another console this gen.

Dudebro901621d ago

You are looking at numbers at the end of a console cycle and comparing them to one that just started. Kind of pointless.