Homefront: The Revolution exclusive: Discussing open-world, co-op, and more

Examiner: With Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek wants to create the free-roam experience that they envisioned. The first step to accomplish this was acquiring the rights to the IP which gave the developer complete control over the franchise.

Next, the team decided to build the game only for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC so that they can focus entirely on the new hardware without being held back by last-gen limitations. Discussing how the title’s different systems will come together, Homefront: The Revolution Lead Designer Adam Duckett recently spoke in-depth about the game in an exclusive interview with Examiner.

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ghostface91567d ago

I am hoping this game is the beatifully pixeled more open world version of freedom fighters that was a great game and needed a sequel hopefully this is it.

JohnJ1567d ago

This could be a dark horse - nobody's/ talking about this potentially being great, and you just never know...

Agent_hitman1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

Oh please Crytek no more "Pushing the limits of the console" statement again okay?.. Just saying

iDadio1567d ago

If they start to pay their employees so they go back to work...

darren_poolies1567d ago

It looks too different from the first which I really enjoyed. I wish they stuck more with that, I thought the campaign was great and I really enjoyed the story which I feel is going to take a backseat in this. Not really feeling what I've seen so far.

Rob Hornecker1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

I agree! With homefront 1 it was a great single player game and it had a decent mutli-player. It was the closest we got to something that played like a battlefield game.

As the months go buy ,I will be watching for more info to appear and will decide by launch if it deserves my hard earned gaming dollars.

This game sounds like it will play more like the Division then like a battlefild game. Not that that is a bad thing.

Jide1567d ago

Crytek UK isn't involved in this this game I think. Crytek is occupied with talented developers. Look at Ryse. Very addictive game and beautiful. I trust Homefront 2 will be a must buy